New windows are one of the simplest of home improvements whether you're upgrading from a very basic design installed on a new home or replacing windows which don't function properly in an older house. New windows add value if you plan to sell the house and add function if you intend to live there long term. The convenience of windows which open and close easily and secure properly simply makes daily life easier.

Winter Drafts and Heating

Windows are the most common source of heat loss during the winter, and that directly relates to the expense of living in the house through electric, oil, or gas bills according to which system you use. New windows can provide more efficient insulation even if the old ones don't have a draft of cold air coming in and become even more important when there is a noticeable draft.

Upcoming Air Conditioning Expenses

In the summertime, air conditioning can be as expensive if not more than heating bills during the winter. You may not notice a draft like you do when cold air is coming in, but you're still losing cool air to the outdoors forcing your air conditioner to work longer and harder. Another aspect of properly functioning windows is that you're more likely to turn off the air conditioning unit and open the windows on cooler days or in the evening when they open and close easily.

Cosmetic Appeal and Ease of Function

The ease of function is an aspect of windows which is often overlooked. When you have to struggle to open or close a window, shaking it back and forth and tapping on the frame, you get used to it and learn which movements work best. Having to prop it open with a stick can become part of the routine and again, because it's something you live with you get used to it and don't realize how much easier life can be without such worries. Another aspect of new windows is the cosmetic appeal they provide, and there is nothing wrong with changing functional windows for newer ones which also look nicer.