Your roof is central to having a home that can withstand Mother Nature. It’s also one of the most expensive components of your home to repair. As such, many homeowners delay roof repairs in an effort to save money. Unfortunately, delaying roofing repairs is a game you can’t afford to take. Instead, consider prioritizing your roofing repairs and get the major problems fixed immediately. If you notice any of the following three scenarios on your rooftop, hire a professional immediately.

You Have a Leak

A roof leak is a telltale sign that you’ve allowed your roof damage to go too long. A leaky roof is a problem that will go well beyond your roof. It can also cause mold to grow in your home due to the moisture. If you notice water rings on your ceiling or notice drops of water when it rains, then you need to hire a professional to fix your roof leak as soon as possible.

Your Heating Bill Has Increased

Another important sign that you need work completed on your roof is higher heating bills. As you heat, your heat rises. If you have a leak or your roof isn’t performing as it should, your heat will leave your home through your attic. If your heat escapes your home, you’ll have to run your heating system more to keep your home cool. Thus, you’ll notice an increase in your heating bills.

Your Shingles Are Damaged

Finally, if you notice you have damaged or missing shingles, then it’s time to call a professional. You don’t have to go on top of your roof to assess your roof. Instead, take a 360-tour of your home from the ground and see if you notice that your shingles are out of line or gone completely. Once you find missing or damaged shingles, take action and hire a roofing professional.

Our team at The Construction Group has years of experience repairing roofs. We are fully capable of repairing and replacing roofs. If you suspect you need a roofing repair or replacement, give us a call today.