Everyone these days wants to be their own home contractor. Needless to say, there are some things that are better left to professionals who are familiar with not only the product, but proper installation.

We’re talking about insulation. If your house is in a cold climate, keeping it warm in the wintertime can be expensive, especially if you’ve got an unfinished attic.

Giving your attic proper insulation is the simplest way to control your Minnesota heating bills. Look no further than The Construction Group! We are professional home contractors who specialize in attic insulation products and installation.

Take a peek at our blog summarizing five dos and five don’ts when it comes to attic insulation.

5 Dos on Attic Insulation

When it comes to insulation, let’s be honest: You’ll need to do your homework and know what you’re doing.

Here’s some suggestions that will have your project done right.

1.      After checking your attic’s level of insulation, choose your budget. You may be inclined to compare your price options when it comes to insulation.

Keep in mind you want to choose whatever will provide you both effectiveness and longevity, rather than choosing the cheapest option which may eventually prove its short life and not maximize energy savings. You’ll be looking at costs per square footage, material, and installation.

2.      Seal air leaks first. You can use canned, minimally-expanding spray foam sealant for windows and doors around the casing, and foam weatherstripping to seal leaks around the sash and jambs.

Use caulk to seal around any pipes, exhaust fans, or any ducts.

3.      Speaking about fixing, fix roof leaks. You’ll know if you have them by any water stains or moldy spots on attic joists or existing insulation.

4.      You’ll need safety protective gear. Wear a dust mask, goggles, work gloves, a long-sleeve shirt and long pants to protect your eyes, skin, and lungs with whichever insulation material you install.

5.      Ask an insulation contractor. You may have to cover the soffit vents, or make other preparations.

When planning insulation to attics with spray foam, it is wise to ask a professional whether to insulate the attic floor, the attic rafters, or both. Both systems work well, they are just different and have their own pros and cons.

Stay Attentive With These 5 Don’ts!

1.      Don’t go out and buy costly equipment! Properly installing complex insulation types such as spray foam insulation requires highly specialized equipment which is a very expensive purchase, and you might only use it once in your lifetime.

All in all, it would be an unnecessary extra expense which would likely surpass the actual cost of hiring a professional insulation contractor.

2.      Don’t have a messy attic! To add attic insulation, the area has to be completely free and clear of obstructions. Clear your attic of any personal belongings, keepsakes, or old furniture currently stored in this space.

Some homeowners choose to rent storage units temporarily while this work is completed, or choose your garage if the space is ample enough.

3.      Do not handle insulation without proper guidance. Insulation is dangerous to handle. Certain types of insulation pose health hazards if you don’t follow proper procedure.

Health risks include respiratory issues, nose, eye, and skin irritation as well as increased risk of cancer. Because of this, you should avoid installing insulation on your own. With this in mind, hire a professional contractor.

4.      Do not remove the old insulation by yourself. In case you have an old house, there might be insulation there. Before you do that, ask a specialist’s opinion because the material of the old one has to be tested before it is removed.

That being said, you should not do it by yourself due to its possible harmful components.

5.      Don't stand on the joists. If you lose your balance, you could crash through the ceiling.

Use a piece of plywood or a couple of sturdy, wide boards as a standing surface, and move them around as you work. They must span at least three joists for stability.

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