There’s no doubt that home improvement shows have become increasingly popular in the last decade, with new shows popping up like there’s no tomorrow. We love to get ideas for our own remodels when it comes to the use of space or trending decor.

Perhaps that’s why it’s so easy to be lured into trying your hand at a kitchen or bathroom remodel. However, there’s more than meets the eye when tackling such an arduous endeavor. DIY home construction featured on TV is not what it’s panned out to be.

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If you’re still convinced DIY home construction is the answer, at least know the risks! It’s not like what you’ve seen on TV.

1. Costs Are Skewed

Most home improvement shows do not show the “fine print” when showcasing clients and their projects. For example, they do not always use superior materials – they have to reduce costs. So why not just purchase mediocre building materials?

When quality materials are used, the producers likely have a major hookup. Have you ever heard the hosts mention the material quality they’re choosing? Sponsors and partners provide heavily discounted labor and materials most of the time.

Kitchens are one of the most expensive renovation projects that exist, and if you’re replacing flooring, cabinets, appliances, and countertops, it’s pretty impossible to fit it under $10k. And that’s not really counting labor, either.

So don’t believe what you hear: In an everyday non-reality TV world, the cost is significantly higher – if it’s a larger kitchen with an island.

2. Jobs Take Time

No matter what room you’re renovating, it will always take time. Take into account back-ordered products, supply chain issues, including shipping time, and shortage of reliable labor – all of this will account for more days and weeks than shown on the screen.

TV production crews show fast-forward footage, making it appear like the remodeling takes less time than it actually does.

3. DIY-ers Are Not Controlling the Job

You might see a couple or other family members apparently taking that sledgehammer and performing demolition work or painting. It’s not to say they’re not doing it, but it’s mostly in short spurts for the camera.

In other words, a lot of editing! In reality, there’s a whole professional crew of 5-10 on the sidelines that helps expedite the process. If you’re not trained in electrical, plumbing, or tile work, do not attempt to do it yourself. It might lead to subpar workmanship or injury.

If you’re really destined to do it yourself, get some training first from an expert and set aside a reasonable amount of time to do the project. Doing bits and pieces whenever there’s free time will not cut it and can lead to some deep regret and frustration.

4. The “Reveal” Furniture Is Not Included

Whichever reality home renovating show is at the top of your saved library list, you’ve probably noticed the great furniture and decor being staged during the last stage before the reveal to the clients. How lucky those homeowners must be, right? Not.

One insider revealed that the decor and other goods are chosen from local shops or other retail sponsors and are not part of the client's initial budget. Hence, each item is cataloged in a binder for the homeowner should they decide to purchase them after the reveal.

5. There Is Not Always a Happily Ever After

Among the “oh my goodness” and “oohs and ahhs” afterward, it could be short-lived. Keep in mind that a lot of the furniture and decor could be stripped at the end – not to mention there may have been times when specific jobs were done haphazardly, leaving the homeowner to repair these on their own.

How about the popular show Extreme Home Makeover? Do those deserving families actually have enough money for the taxes, utilities, or other costly maintenance? Perhaps, but not always – leading the homeowner to sell or face foreclosure.

6. Safety Is Rarely Taken Into Consideration

Perhaps one of the more overlooked elements of DIY home construction on TV is how rarely they emphasize the importance of safety. TV segments often gloss over safety protocols when, in reality, construction sites pose various risks.

From using heavy and dangerous machinery to working at heights, every home construction project, no matter how big or small, demands meticulous safety precautions.

7. Obtaining Permits & Regulations 

Pouring over tedious paperwork and reviewing hundreds of pages of legal contracts doesn’t necessarily make for the most stimulating television, does it? Navigating local building codes and obtaining permits is a critical but often overlooked aspect of DIY construction.

Just because TV shows tend to gloss over such permits and regulations certainly doesn’t mean you should; non-compliance can often result in fines or, at the least, project halts.

8. Interrupting Your Daily Routine

Let’s face it: At the end of the day, filling up your home with materials, equipment, and hardware can put quite a damper on your daily routine. TV edits on your favorite home construction shows often omit the chaos construction brings to everyday life.

Noise, dust, disruptions, and restricted living spaces can be overwhelming, especially in addition to all the other tedious tasks you must take on in your daily life.

You Can Rely on the “Real” Reality With The Construction Group

There is one major takeaway from all this. The fabulous renovations we see on TV are professionally edited, but in real life, you can get the results you want without worry or unpleasant surprises. Whether you’re seeking exterior remodeling to include windows, or interior remodeling, contact the reliable team at The Construction Group.

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