No one prays for a situation where water damage hits without any signs. However, you cannot write off the possibility of finding yourself in an emergency water damage situation. While emergencies take us by surprise, there are pro tips that help us to handle them better.

In the case of a water damage emergency, there are possible ways to handle the situation better to reduce damages. Here, you'll learn from our water damage experts at The Construction Group about what to do when you have a water damage emergency.

Cut Off the Flow of Water

Waterline leaks or water heater damage are the most common causes of household water damage, so if you don't know where your water shutoff valves are, try to find them.

In addition, outside floods can also cause water damage, so if you're aware of an oncoming storm, take the necessary precautions to safeguard your property against water incursion.

Apply Further Safety Measures

The next step is to disconnect all sources of electricity in the affected locations as soon as the water supply is cut off. Water is a strong conductor of electricity. Leaving electrical flow during water damage will put you and your loved ones in grave danger.

The best way to do this is to access your circuit breaker and turn it off. Also, go ahead and unplug all electrical equipment in all the affected rooms.

Protect Your Most Valuable Properties

If it's safe to stay inside, elevate your belongings away from flooded or water-soaked areas to safeguard them from further harm. Certain water-soaked goods can quickly develop mold. So if you have high-end furniture, remove them from the area as soon as possible to avoid future deterioration.

Also, remove any precious gadgets and any other high-value or irreplaceable objects that could be damaged.

Invite a Water Damage Expert

For proper valuation of damages, you should work with a building contractor who has a track record of handling water damage and building projects. Their experience will help you ascertain the value of damage and a possible road plan for your home restoration.

Call Your Insurance Company

When you have secured your precious properties, get in touch with your insurance company to report the water damage. Also, try to find out how they plan to approach the water damage repairs and other home restoration needs.

Call Your Twin Cities Water Damage Restoration Experts

Dealing with water damage alone can prove daunting. That is why we have experts in place to deal with water damage emergencies, storm damage issues, ice dam removal, and other home remodeling services.

For emergency water damage help in your Twin Cities home, you can reach out to us at 651-731-5857 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment. You can also get a free estimate from the comfort of your home.