Want an easier way to uplift your home for the new year? One of the best ways to transform the feel of your home is with a fresh coat of paint. You can get a lot of mileage with a new coat of interior paint in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

But sometimes, settling on the right color can be something of a challenge, especially since you want to make sure you’re choosing something you’ll love for some time to come. 

Color trends, like with many other trends, may come and go, but Minnesota homeowners who love their home will know when it’s the right time to update. At The Construction Group in Woodbury, we love a good room remodel as much as the next guys. In this post, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most attractive paint trends for 2023.

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Interior Color Champions for 2023

So much is involved in choosing winner palettes for each new year; Many of the most well-known paint manufacturers start planning their trending colors well before the year even begins. One of the most respectable industry predictors, which has tremendous expertise for color trends, whether it’s for home or anything fashion, is Pantone – the color designing mastermind respected worldwide.

Industry experts showcase palettes full of rich and restorative colors, from neutral earth tones to bold reds and vintage-inspired hues.

Animated Reds

Shades of red, especially deeper shades, indicate vitality and empowerment, according to Pantone.

Having a shade of magenta red gives the space an impressive statement. This shade in particular is a nuanced crimson red tone, which provides a balance between warm and cool. It’s audacious and inclusive in this ever changing world and gives that fabulous pop to any bedroom, office, or dining space, characterizing that welcoming yet assertive vibe you want.

Speaking of reds, according to InteriorDesign.net, the coming year predicts colors that

energize and instill a sense of confidence as echoed by Pantone. Legacy paint brand Benjamin Moore recently unveiled its 2023 Color of the Year: a saturated shade of orange-red, Raspberry Blush.

Bold reds can accent anything like dining chairs or smaller accent pieces. Try emphasizing a wall with wallpaper embracing deep red themes or patterns.

Or accent trim, such as decorative wainscot or chair railing in coordination with similar color tones on surrounding walls to create an elegant space.

Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals seem to continue being on the popular list, as these colors are so versatile and fit most any design style. They also embrace wellness and comfort.

Behr named Blank Canvas as its Color of the Year for 2023. This neutral off-white can be used as an interior, whole-house color, especially if you’re less likely to take risks with color or like something that is universal.

An Important note: Paint manufacturers can closely match a color from most competitors, so you can frequently get your preferred brand.

Soft, Charming and Romantic

Have you ever glanced at an architectural digest magazine and daydreamed of that romantic nostalgic look of the 20s? Romancing a room means to mingle some modern fixtures with vintage accessories and furniture to set the mood, along with paint colors which have a certain softness.

Envision a mixture of peach and neutral light browns with soft pink – also referred to as beige blush or terracotta.

If you like this romanticized look, opt for a guest bedroom or primary bathroom with a modern mauve tone of Glamour for the walls and the depth of a Poetry Plum on the ceiling – both colors created by HGTV Sherwin Williams 2023 collection.

Bring the Earthy Greens Indoors

Woodland earthy greens have been trending recently and are spilling over into 2023. Sherwin Williams Pewter Green is a darker earthy green which gives a kitchen or any larger space an outdoor earthy vibe.

Along the same lines, Valspar’s Everglade Deck is a tone of sea green which could go great on an accent wall or on a piece of furniture, like a dresser, small table, or console, giving a little pop in a neutral room. It's saturated and soothing all at once.

Get Comfy and Cozy With Brown Tones

Down-to-earth and inviting browns are coming out of their own in furniture and accessories as well as walls. According to Sidney Lee, HGTV Magazine’s assistant home editor, "Just like we're seeing in fashion, '90s-style browns and neutrals are coming back in a major way in the design world."

She recommends Tiramisu, C2’s featured color of 2023. It is a rich, restorative cedar inspired by the tones of natural wood. This color is an absolutely fabulous color if you’re looking to create a comfortable family or guest space.

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