How is your siding looking these days? If it’s looking chipped, faded, or warped, this can devalue your home and lead to additional problems. When it’s time to invest in siding replacement services, call The Construction Group for an affordable siding solution that’s easy to maintain and looks great.

In this post from the vinyl siding installation experts at The Construction Group in Minnesota, we’re looking into the pros and cons of vinyl siding installation. To check out vinyl siding ideas for your Twin Cities home and get a free, no-pressure siding quote, give us a call today!

Pros of Vinyl Siding Installation

There are plenty of reasons vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices for modern homes.

These are some of the biggest factors!

It Looks Fantastic

If you’re tired of shelling out for paint every few years, you’ll love vinyl siding. Unlike wood siding, the paint is part of the vinyl, which means the color is uniform and vivid throughout the siding. It also means your siding color won’t chip or fade over the years. And quality vinyl siding is available in a wide range of colors and styles. That means you can usually get the same look you’d get with painted wood while expecting it to look better longer. To learn more about our vinyl siding options, check out The Construction Group’s gallery of past projects.

It’s Inexpensive to Install

Siding is one of the most sizable investments you’ll ever make as a homeowner, and investing in new siding can come with a hefty price tag. If you’re working with a budget, you can’t go wrong with vinyl siding. Across the board, vinyl is the most affordable siding choice, coming in well below the cost of fiber cement and engineered wood siding. Because it can be easily installed, you’ll also save on labor and repair costs.

It’s Easy to Clean

Cleaning your vinyl siding is an easy addition to your spring cleaning list. Simply break out the garden hose and spray down any areas where cobwebs, dirt, and dust have collected. For particularly difficult areas, you can apply a gentle solution of cleaner. All you need is a few drops of non-abrasive dish liquid and a bucket of water. Debris will easily slide off of the slick vinyl, leaving your home looking great once more.

It’s Efficient

Winter energy costs can get out of control fast in Minnesota. But vinyl siding can actually help you reduce your monthly energy expenses, saving money over time. That’s because quality vinyl siding offers insulating properties that add to your existing wall insulation, reducing your home’s energy loss. And if it’s great for your wallet, it’s good for the environment.

It Creates a More Comfortable Living Space

One of the best things about a more efficient home is that an efficient home is a comfortable one. When you have quality vinyl siding that reduces heat transfer, heat stays where you want it when you want it. This means during the winter months, warm air stays inside your walls, and during the summer, your home stays cooler as well.

It’s Resilient

Over time, wood siding can show signs of warping or cracking, and every bit of damage is a threat to your home’s efficiency and increases the chance of water and mold getting into your walls. Vinyl siding is much more resilient than natural wood siding when exposed to years of moisture, wind, and solar radiation. And because it won’t chip and peel as the years go by, vinyl siding will continue to look fresh over the years and won’t fade.

Cons of Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl siding isn’t without its cons, but most homeowners with vinyl siding find the benefits outweigh the downsides.

These are the most common negatives associated with vinyl siding installation!

Vinyl Can Get Damaged

If you try hard enough, anything is vulnerable to damage. Although vinyl siding is extremely durable, a strong enough straight-line wind or impact could conceivably crack a siding plank. The good news is that it takes hurricane-like winds to do this level of damage, and vinyl siding is fairly easy to replace if this happens.

It’s Not Really Considered High End

If you’re looking for an affordable, practical siding solution for the home you live in, vinyl is a great choice. However, you may prefer a higher-end choice depending on your home and its location. If you’re looking for a premium siding solution, we can walk you through the options and help you choose the right one for your needs. We offer a complete range of siding solutions including fiber cement, steel, and engineered wood.

It’s Not the Most Eco-Friendly Choice

Like most siding options, vinyl is made using synthetic materials that aren’t recyclable. Manufacturing vinyl can also be impactful on the environment by producing greenhouse gases and sulfur dioxide as byproducts. However, the reduction in energy costs you’ll experience with a high-performance siding can help to offset some of this impact in terms of your total carbon footprint. Be sure to ask your contractor about more efficient vinyl siding solutions and high-R-value insulation.

You Need an Experienced Vinyl Siding Contractor for Installation

If you’re looking to cut corners and costs on siding installation, a lot can go wrong when you attempt to DIY vinyl siding or hire an unlicensed contractor. However, the benefits of working with an experienced contractor can actually save you money over these cost-cutting solutions since new vinyl siding comes with a powerful warranty. And licensed contractors like The Construction Group tend to stand behind their work, which means if there’s a problem, you have someone to call for help.

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