Bay windows first rose to popularity during the Victorian era in the United States, gracing beautiful Cape Cods and Queen Annes. But unlike many details of that era, bay windows and their cousin the bow window have remained popular to this day and can often be found in brand new construction homes.

If you’ve always wanted a dreamy little nook in your home, installing a bay or bow window is easier than you may realize. In this post from The Construction Group in Minnesota, we’re breaking down some of the differences between bay and bow windows to help you choose the right new window for your home. To check out window installation ideas, give us a call!

Reasons to Love Bay and Bow Windows

Both bay and bow windows can completely transform a space by adding a window that’s more of a feature than a simple vista to the world outside. Both types of windows use multiple window panes and extend slightly beyond the wall, creating a cozy little corner with a wide-open view of the landscape outside your home.

Bay and bow windows offer a beautiful way to watch the seasons change while filling your living space with plenty of bright, cheery sunlight. Whether you’re sipping a hot cup of coffee while watching the autumn leaves or relaxing in your favorite chair while the snow falls, these windows are a perfect backdrop. And unlike most new windows, bay and bow windows serve as unique architectural features, transforming the look of your space both inside and outside your home.

Bay Window Versus Bow Window: What’s the Difference?

Functionally speaking, bay windows and bow windows are very close in design and function. Bow windows use the same type of windowpane for each section, creating an arc that projects outward in a round shape. Bay windows, on the other hand, feature a picture window at the center that’s framed by additional windows on both sides, creating stronger angles.

To decide which window design is right for your home, it’s a good idea to connect with a contractor and talk about ways to work with your existing space. They’ll help you envision both types of windows and choose the best design for your home.

Both bay and bow windows can look just as stunning in a breakfast nook or bedroom as they do in a living room or den. These are just a few of our favorite ideas for dressing a bay or bow window:

●        Create a window seat with pillows and a cushion.

●        Use accent chairs around your window.

●        Place your home office in front of a bay or bow window.

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