After a severe weather storm impacts your home, you may feel overwhelmed at what you should do next. If you require insurance assistance with your restoration, you’ll want to complete a storm damage insurance claim.

There are several steps you should take to ensure your claim is accurate and effective. Here are the actions you should take to get your claim filed and your home back to a beautiful and durable condition.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Soon after the storm hits, call your insurer and provide them with your policy number and contact information.

Your insurer will ask for a thorough description of your property’s damage and special circumstances your family may require. Be ready to provide accurate and in-detail answers to the questions they ask, as this will help the process move quickly and efficiently.

Take Photos and Documentation of the Damage

Take high-quality photos of all the damage the storm left on your property. You should also write up a thorough description of lost or damaged items and mention their worth and value.

In addition to an inspection, the insurance provider will use this documentation while completing your claim.

Be Prepared for Emails and Text Messages

You’ll want all of your communication lines to stay open while you wait for your claim to be completed. Insurers will often notify you of the status of your claim through email and text messages.

Be sure to have all of your alerts on, so you can get straight to the repair process after approval.

Contact a Storm Damage Specialist

There are many inauthentic scammers who claim to be reputable storm damage contractors that may try and trick you into giving them business.

When looking for a trusted contractor, be sure to do proper research and find proof that they’re a trusted storm damage specialist. Reading through their available services and past reviews will help you determine their legitimacy.

Keep Records of Your Claim

Finally, you’ll want to keep track of this claim for future reference. Document all of the people you talked to and hired throughout the process.

Be sure to mark down times and dates so that you won’t forget any key information.

The Construction Group is Minnesota’s Trusted Storm Contractor

From damaged shingles to broken windows, Minnesota weather storms can leave a heartbreaking impact on your home. At The Construction Group, we understand how important it is to get your home back to a safe and durable condition as quickly as possible.

We provide quick estimates and thorough communication so you can feel confident knowing that your repair is in the best hands. When you’re in need of professional storm damage repair services, contact The Construction Group  at 651-731-5857.