If you have a chimney on your roof, you’re probably familiar with the common issue of spalling brick. Spalling brick occurs when water damages the brick and causes it to chip, peel, and flake. If left untreated for too long, the damage can cause the brick to crumble and completely deteriorate.

Beyond impacting your home’s appearance, there are several reasons why spalling brick requires immediate attention.

Mold Development

When water gets trapped in your chimney, it can cause mold to develop. Because mold is extremely hazardous to you and your family’s health, you should have the area inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

Structural Damage

Water causes your chimney’s structure to weaken and deteriorate. Over time, other critical elements of your home’s foundation, such as the walls, framework, and boards, will also start to weaken and break down. This puts your entire home at risk and drastically reduces your home’s life expectancy.

Roof Cave-In

Because the water damage will cause the area around your chimney to weaken, your entire roof is at risk of caving in. This puts your home and family at risk of damage and severe injury.

Continuing Issues

Spalling brick doesn’t end with a single section. Spalled bricks can cause surrounding bricks to deteriorate and weaken, making for a continuous and catastrophic issue.

Repairing Spalling Brick

Once you’ve identified the spalling brick, you’ll need to act quickly to get the area repaired. By following these steps, you’ll be able to promptly repair the area and get it back to a sturdy and reliable state.

Inspect the Damage

Take a close look at the spalling brick and determine the cause of the issue. Keep track of how many bricks have been impacted so you have a good idea of the number you’ll need to replace.

If there are any more than three bricks that require repair, you’ll need to contact a professional roofer.

Choose the Correct Replacement Bricks

You’ll want the new bricks to match and fit in with the existing bricks. In addition to meeting aesthetic requirements, it will also ensure that the replacement bricks work properly.

Filling the areas in with bricks that are too large or small will generate issues.

Remove the Spalled Brick

After successfully removing the marotar around the spalled bricks, you’ll have to use a hammer or other tool to thoroughly remove the bricks.

You may need to utilize a drill to ensure every bit of the brick is completely removed.

Install New Mortar

To prevent spalled brick from developing again, you’ll want to ensure you properly install mortar around your new bricks.

There are several types of mortar you can use, so be sure to consult with a professional about your project’s requirements prior to purchasing.

Install the Bricks

Once you have your mortar prepared, you’re ready to install the new bricks. Using clean water, dampen the area and place the mortar around the area’s perimeter with a trowel.

When the applied mortar appears to be 10mm thick, place the new brick into the designated space. Use the mortar to get the brick secured into the space.

Contact the Construction Company for Professional Roof & Chimney Services

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