Flat roofs can be a stunning architectural feature of modern home designs. Flat roofs are also an excellent design choice for new home additions and covered patios. A high-performance, waterproof flat roof is one of the most durable and affordable types of roofing on the market today. And a properly installed flat roof can last for 25 years or longer.

Unfortunately, because they’re less common than other types of roofs, finding the right residential roofer can prove a challenge. Thankfully, our team of residential roofers at The Construction Group is experienced in residential flat roof repair.

In this post, we’re breaking down some common signs your home’s flat roof needs to be repaired. Contact our roofers to schedule your roof repair today!

1.   Damaged Flashing

Like any other type of roof, a flat roof’s flashing can become damaged over time due to the natural contracting and expansion process of the roofing material. As the materials of your roof contract, the flashing will begin to deteriorate and pull away from the roof materials, a process that can lead to moisture infiltration in your home. A professional roof inspection will include a flashing evaluation to rule out this problem.

2.   Roof Leaks

If you see wet spots on your ceiling or roof leaks anywhere in your home, you should have your roof inspected right away. Moisture seeping into your roof can lead to mold and fungus growth or cause your home’s structure to become damaged and rot or deteriorate.

3.   Tears or Cracks

To function as it’s meant to, a residential flat roof must be completely free of tears or splits. Once the top layer of the roof becomes damaged, the layer underneath is vulnerable to moisture infiltration that softens the underlayment and exposes your home to possible interior damage.

4.   Aging Roof

Decades ago, flat roofs were manufactured using layers of materials that were difficult to replace or repair. Because modern flat roof materials use advanced technology that creates a completely watertight roof surface, you should talk to your roofer about whether your home could benefit from a roof replacement.

Minnesota Flat Roof Repair Services

The key to extending the lifespan of your residential flat roof is to schedule regular inspections and maintenance. If your Minnesota home has a flat roof, contact the best residential roof contractors in the region at The Construction Group. Give us a call at

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