Your bathroom is one of the most high-traffic spaces in your home. If you’re thinking about investing in a remodeling project this spring, you really can’t go wrong with a bathroom remodeling project. An updated bathroom will make your home more livable while adding to its overall value.

In this post from The Construction Group, we’re sharing some of our favorite stunning bathroom remodel ideas to inspire your bathroom renovation. Call us to get your consultation and start transforming your bathroom today!

1.   Add a Decadent Shower Head

Most Americans spend about 10 minutes a day in the shower. If you’re still using the shower head that came with your home, you’re missing out on an important opportunity for pampering. The possibilities are practically limitless when it comes to luxurious shower heads to wash away the day. Consider a decadent shower head with deep massage capabilities or a dreamy rainforest effect for the ultimate home spa vibe.

2.   Elevate Your Shower Lighting

Far too many showers have inadequate lighting. Consider transforming your bathroom lighting with LED lighting on your shower walls for a subdued effect or install a bright overhead light that illuminates your shower. Layer these lighting effects with vanity and task lighting for a stunning overall impact.

3.   Embrace Open Shelving

One way to make a smaller bathroom feel more open and functional is by embracing the minimalist aesthetic with open shelving. Store necessities like towels and toiletries next to attractive features like decor and plants.

4.   Use Natural Materials

A beautiful way to freshen up the look of an outdated bathroom is by choosing earthy design elements like natural stone and rustic wood. These natural materials are incredibly versatile and warm and can be used in diverse design looks from farmhouse to Scandinavian modern.

5.   Flood Your Space With Daylight

You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice natural lighting for privacy. Instead of covering your windows with blackout curtains or blinds, consider adding windows with frosted or decorative window film. Awning windows placed high on the wall are also an excellent choice for bringing in plenty of natural light to your bathroom.

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