When it comes to home remodeling services for your home, one of the most significant investments you can make is in investment upgrades. Your attic floor is a key thermal barrier when it comes to the protective invisible thermal layer preventing heat transfer between your home’s interior and exterior.

During cold weather months, the insulation in your attic helps to prevent the heated air from your home from rising to your roof where it creates ice dams that can damage your home. And during the summer months, the extreme temperatures in your attic can cause the temperature throughout your home to escalate, wreaking havoc on your energy costs.

At The Construction Group in Minnesota, we offer a complete range of home improvement services from roof repair services to attic insulation upgrades. In this post, we’re breaking down some of the key benefits of investing in attic insulation services. Contact a Twin Cities insulation contractor to get your free estimate today!

Signs Your Attic Insulation Needs an Upgrade

If you’re concerned about your home’s attic insulation, you may have already noticed signs that your home could use an upgrade. These are some of the more common signs that your attic insulation is insufficient or has deteriorated over time:

●        The highest floor in your home is too hot.

●        Ice dams are visible in the winter months.

●        Monthly energy bills are much higher than anticipated.

●        Your HVAC system has trouble keeping up in winter or summer.

●        Attic insulation is wet or missing.

●        Joists are visible.

Understanding R-Value

When you work with an insulation contractor, they will begin by evaluating the R-value of your current insulation and recommending insulation upgrades to improve your R-value. R-value the measurement used to determine thermal transfer. Housing materials with a higher R-value will be more effective at limiting the movement of heat between a home’s exterior and interior. In Minnesota homes, we require a higher R-value to keep up with the colder winters we experience in this region.

When you increase your attic insulation, these are just a few ways it will pay off:

●        Warmer home in winter

●        Fewer drafts

●        Cooler home in summer

●        Energy savings

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