If spending more time at home over the past years has made you wish for more space, the answer may be right in front of you – or at least right above your head.

If you’ve got unused attic space, consider transforming your attic into a functional space that adds square footage to your home! In this post from The Construction Group in Woodbury, we’re sharing beautiful attic conversion ideas to give you the extra room you’ve been hoping for.

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1. Children’s Playroom

Cleaning up a messy children’s bedroom is no small feat. Kids have a way of dragging out any and every toy and spreading them all over the place. But sometimes, their rooms can seem much more chaotic simply because they don’t have much usable space for play and storage.

Imagine what you can do with a dedicated playroom. Give your children play centers just as they would have at school to actively engage their young minds. Add an art corner, a reading nook, and plenty of functional spaces.

Complete the room with a small playhouse or tent for plenty of next-level fun!

2. Extra Bedroom

When families are young and children are small, bunk beds are often a fact of life. But as teens get older, they could benefit from having their own space. An attic conversion is a perfect room for a teenager or tween, because it’s set apart from the rest of the home. This gives them plenty of personal space and privacy.

An attic is also a great space for a guest bedroom!

3. Hobby Room

Whether your idea of a good time is mixing your own electronic music or making crafts, a hobby room gives you room to stretch your creativity. It also keeps your favorite pastimes from taking over the rest of your home!

The perfect hobby room secret? Plenty of built-in storage.

4. Home Office

With so many American workers working remotely in the past year, many companies learned that a partially remote schedule is an effective way to save money and increase employee well-being. But while you’re saving on your commute, you need a quiet space to conduct Zoom meetings without interruptions.

An attic office is perfect for this, because it’s quiet and offers plenty of horizontal space – something in short supply when you’re working in the family room.

Factors to Consider Before Converting Your Attic into a Living Space

Attics are not typically built for a living space. As a result, certain measures for building safe living spaces may not have been considered when yours was initially designed.

So, if you wish to convert your attic into a living space, your contractor must consider the following factors.

Available Space

How spacious is your attic? Does it have enough space that meets minimum living space standards? These are top-of-the-list questions you need to ask before thinking of converting your attic.

Typically, every county has regulations on what makes up a standard living space dimension. Ensure you check with your county regulation to find out what the standard is.

You can also ask your home contractor to check if your attic space can allow a conversion that meets your area’s building code.


Many homeowners forego temperature control in their attic, as the space is not planned for human living. However, insulation considerations should be addressed if you intend to convert the attic into a living space.

Addressing insulation issues will ensure that occupants are kept warm in the winter and cool during the summer. Plan well with an insulation expert who knows the best insulation method to add to address insulation issues in your attic.


Attic conversion is a job that requires hiring professional contractors. Are you ready to pay what it takes to remodel your attic into a living space? This is one question you must answer.

It’s advisable you consult with your remodel expert to get a quote regarding the project before getting started.


To make a comfortable living space out of your attic, you should consider ventilation channels. How do you remodel the attic to ensure that enough ventilation is maintained?

Maintain a minimum of 1 inch of air gap between the insulation and the roof’s underlayment for efficient attic ventilation. Otherwise, heat buildup could happen and damage the roof.

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