Remodeling is exciting, but it also means dealing with some level of disruption during the remodeling process. For some homeowners, this is a great excuse to make a reservation at a hotel and get away for a few nights. But if you’ve got a busy family and a full calendar, this might not be possible.

At The Construction Group, we work with homeowners to minimize the disruption when their homes are under renovation. In this post, we’re sharing advice to manage the remodeling process when your family includes kids. When you’re ready to get started on your home remodeling project, give us a call!

Planning Ahead

Be sure to communicate clearly with your home remodeling contractors so you have a complete understanding of what to expect. Minor remodeling projects like window replacement services will have a minimally disruptive effect on your home and family. However, if your kitchen is part of your renovation, you’ll need to make arrangements for meals while you’re unable to cook.

Here are a few easy solutions you may wish to adopt:

●        Set up a temporary meal station complete with disposable plates, cups, and plasticware.

●        Stock up on easy snacks and meals that don’t require a lot of preparation.

●        Consider moving your microwave or toaster oven to a temporary food station in your dining or living room.

●        Get an estimate of the remodeling timeline and make sure you have enough food for the duration.

●        Take advantage of warm weather to dine outside.         

Prepare Your Family

Be sure to prepare your family for what to expect during the renovation process. Children love to feel they’re sharing in the process, and they’ll enjoy the excitement of having a new kitchen or bathroom to look forward to.

Take plenty of time to answer any questions they may have and fill them in on anything your family will be doing differently while general contractors are working at your home. You’ll also need to tell your children if any areas will be off-limits during the remodeling process. Experts recommend setting aside a designated play area and letting kids know this is where they’ll need to hang out until your family’s home remodeling services are completed.

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