What’s on your spring cleaning list this year? If you’re like most folks here in Minnesota, you’re already working on your mental to-do list of important spring home maintenance chores.

While cleaning the inside of a home and getting the lawn in order are high on most people’s lists, you don’t want to overlook important spring roof maintenance. In this post from The Construction Group, our residential roofing contractors are sharing a roof maintenance checklist based on our professional experience.

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1. Conduct a Self Visual Inspection

Before calling a roof inspector, you can take a quick look yourself for the possible damage signs.

Granules on the ground all over your property is not a favorable sign. Are there nearby tree branches possibly causing this damage? Was there a wind storm recently?

A few granules are not cause for alarm, however, a lot of granules means the shingles may need replacement.

Speaking of shingles, look at the appearance of the shingles. Do any look cracked, warped, or missing?

If so, you may have a leak commencing inside.

2. Get a Professional Roof Inspection

Winter can be hard on a roof, especially if it’s been a while since you invested in necessary roofing repairs. A professional roofing contractor can inspect the condition of your shingles and help identify minor roofing problems before they become more serious and worse, more costly.

If you’ve visually inspected your roof and still not sure if you have sufficient damage, then it’s best to call a professional.

3. Clean Out & Check Your Rain Gutters

Over the course of the winter, all sorts of debris can get into your storm gutters and clog them. Not only does this make your gutters less effective at moving water efficiently from your roof, but it also makes an inviting home for critters looking for a spring home.

Be sure to thoroughly clean and remove any twigs, leaves, and debris from your gutters using a small shovel or scoop.

Once you’re through, flush your gutters with a garden hose. Or, if you want to permanently take this chore off of your to-do list, have a gutter contractor install gutter guards.

4. Check for Any Possible Mold Growth

If your roof accumulated a lot of moisture from weather elements over the winter months, you might potentially have a breeding environment for algae and mold growth. Moreover, if your roof is slowly leaking into the interior, you may have problems with mold forming inside your home.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, many molds can be harmful to your health and should be removed promptly. Contact your roofing contractor as soon as possible.

5. Replace Old Windows

Aging windows can become badly damaged during the harsh freeze and thaw cycles that come with icy weather. To reduce your summer energy costs and maintain a more comfortable home throughout the year, replace any older windows with modern, low-E windows.

You’ll notice an immediate improvement in your home’s comfort levels and enjoy energy savings that pay for themselves over time.

6. Clean Your Siding

Keep your vinyl siding in good shape with a little gentle cleaning. Most vinyl siding can be cleaned using a garden hose and a bucket of gentle soap for tricky spots.

While you’re cleaning your siding, take a walk around your home to inspect for signs of damage and consider having your siding replaced.

7. Inspect Flashing

Flashing helps to ensure there is a watertight seal in areas where two roof planes meet.

You might find flashing where your chimney or vent pipes appear, mainly in roof valleys.

Try to find a comfortable and safe point on your ladder to view the flashing. If you see signs of rust or looks dented, you might want to call a roofing contractor who can inspect it in greater detail.

8. Check Your Downspouts

Downspouts that travel from one level of your roof to another should cover the entire area. The upper downspout should connect to a lower-level gutter. This avoids any runoff flowing over the same section which can lead to loose granules.

Eventually, loose or dislodged granules can prematurely age shingles. Be sure that all the water discharge from the roof is flowing away from the foundation of your home.

Call a Minnesota Roofing Contractor

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