Whether you live in a new house built to generic standards for sales appeal or an older house which needs some TLC or customization to suit your style, carpentry upgrades are a relatively simple and inexpensive way to make the house you like into the home you love. An experienced contractor will know what the project needs structurally while incorporating your tastes into the overall design.

Trim and Finish

Trim and finish carpentry define your home as much as any other aspect of the house. Options range from a nice quality yet subtle basic trim design, elaborate formal designs which your guests will comment on with compliments, or a very simple nearly invisible style which does little more than cover transitions between walls and doors, ceilings, and floors. Styles can change between rooms if, for example, you want an elegant living room, informal den, and fairly plain bedrooms.

Decorative Highlights

Decorative highlights can be a mantle, a built in entertainment center, an elaborately trimmed bay window, or anything your creativity can decide you want as a focal point in a room. On the other hand, highlights can be an elaborate yet subtle feature such as dentil crown molding or fluted door casings. Again, the idea is to discuss with your contractor what style choices you find attractive and allow him to offer his expertise toward finding a suitable solution toward achieving such an effect.


Cabinetry is where you see the true talent of a woodworker and carpenter. Whether kitchen cabinetry, built in shelving, or a bathroom vanity, customized cabinetry add beauty and practicality to any room. Different types of wood have different aesthetics and structural properties which an experienced professional carpenter can explain to you, and incorporate your preference into a design style you prefer for your home. Custom cabinetry is a feature you and your family will appreciate on a daily basis and your guests will notice with a sense of awe.