When it comes to chores around the house, few are easier to put off than gutter cleaning. But it’s also necessary to regularly clean your gutters to prevent damage to your roof, siding, and foundation.

At The Construction Group in Minnesota, we offer a complete range of roofing services including gutter installation and repairs. We’re sharing this guide to gutter cleaning to help you keep your gutter system in great shape. To learn about seamless gutters and simplify your gutter maintenance, give us a call!

The Importance of Gutter Maintenance

Your home’s gutter canal system provides an essential service by directing the flow of rain and water from your roof and away from your home. Without a gutter system, water from snow and rain would flow back onto your roof and get into your home. It could also leak into your foundation, causing basement flooding. Worse, once moisture gets into your home, it can lead to mold and mildew proliferation. Staying on top of your gutter maintenance can end up saving you in terms of costly repairs in the future. 

Keys to Gutter Cleaning

To keep your gutters maintained, plan to clean and inspect them twice a year. When your gutters aren’t cleaned regularly, they can become clogged. Over the winter, debris can accumulate in your gutters that needs to be removed before spring rains come. During the fall, small animals can end up nesting in your gutters if they aren’t cleaned regularly. That’s why fall and spring are the best times of year for gutter maintenance.

To clean your gutters properly, wait for a sunny day and set aside plenty of time for the job. Try to wait until your gutters are dry as cleaning wet debris can be a difficult chore. You’ll need a bucket for the debris you remove and a second bucket for your supplies. Beginning near the downspout, clear large debris by hand, using a trowel to scoop out smaller debris. Be sure to wear safety glasses and gloves. After clearing the debris, use a garden hose to flush your gutters thoroughly.

Inspecting Your Gutters

While you’re cleaning your gutters, be sure to check them thoroughly for any signs that they need to be repaired. If your gutters are in need of significant repairs, it might be time to consider gutter replacement. A professional gutter replacement contractor can help you decide if your gutters can be saved with gutter repair.

Watch out for these signs of gutter damage:

●        Split or cracked gutter sections

●        Sagging gutters

●        Rusted gutters and gutter paint damage

●        Standing water near your home

●        Standing water in the gutters

●        Water damage on your siding

Contact Our Woodbury Gutter Replacement Services

If you’re not comfortable climbing a ladder or you’re tired of seasonal gutter maintenance, contact The Construction Group to have seamless gutters and gutter guards installed. With gutter guards, you’ll never have to worry about debris removal.

To schedule your gutter replacement services, contact The Construction Group in Woodbury today at 651-731-5857. Or contact us online to connect with a gutter contractor about your rain gutter repair. We can’t wait to make your life easier and take gutter cleaning off of your to-do list!