A beautiful home begins with clean, attractive siding and windows. Over the past few decades, vinyl siding has grown in popularity due to its incredible durability and resilience. With a little regular cleaning and maintenance, vinyl siding can end up looking as lovely as the day it was first installed.

At The Construction Group, we offer a complete range of home exterior remodeling services including vinyl siding contractor and window contractor services. In this post, we’re sharing advice for cleaning your vinyl siding. To learn more about vinyl siding for your Woodbury home, give us a call to connect with a vinyl siding contractor about siding replacement services today!

Cleaning Your Vinyl Siding

Since the 1990s, vinyl siding has only increased in popularity. As many as one in three new single-family homes sold today uses vinyl siding. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know how to keep their siding clean. Over time, even vinyl siding can become dirty and stained. These are just a few of the most common culprits that can dirty your vinyl siding:

●        Lawn chemicals like insecticides

●        Pollen

●        Animal droppings

●        Spider webs

●        Dirt and dust

●        Mud

To keep your vinyl siding looking its best, experts recommend cleaning it once every six months. If you keep a household maintenance calendar, plan on cleaning your siding once in the fall and once in the spring. While it might be tempting to use a power washer on your siding, it’s better to use a basic low-pressure garden hose.

Follow these tips for cleaning tricky debris:

●        Avoid using bleach, degreasers, organic solvents, or abrasive cleaners.

●        Never use scrubbers or steel wool.

●        Use a soft washcloth or brush to gently brush the debris or dirt from the surface, cleaning in a side-to-side motion before rinsing the plank.

●        Work from the top down and focus on small areas to avoid streaking.

●        For oily stains, use a mild liquid dish soap diluted in water. After applying suds, be sure to clean the area right away.

●        Avoid getting soap on your plants when cleaning your siding.

Connect with a Woodbury Siding Contractor

While you’re cleaning your siding, be sure to inspect your exterior for signs of damage. When it’s time for siding replacement services, The Construction Group is here to help with quality high-performance siding solutions. In addition to vinyl siding, we also offer fiber cement siding, steel siding, cedar shake, and LP Smartside.

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