If you’re out of room but you love your neighborhood, it can be hard to start looking at new homes. But what if you don’t have to give up a perfect location to get the space or layout you’ve been dreaming of?

At The Construction Group, we offer a full range of home carpentry services including home additions. In this post, we’ll break down some key considerations when deciding whether to add on or move. Give us a call to schedule your new home addition project today!

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

When you need more space, there’s no doubt that moving is often the most affordable solution. Moving to a more affordable location can give you the amenities you’re looking for for the least amount of money.

But if you have more than one option on the table, there are plenty of reasons you might be reluctant to leave your current home. Perhaps you have an emotional attachment to your current home and don’t want to give it up or live in a better school district than you’d get if you moved. Or maybe you love your neighborhood and for the price, you’re not going to get a home with the same features in a similar area.

Benefits of Adding On

Whatever your reason, there are plenty of pros and cons to both moving and adding on. Moving can be incredibly disruptive and difficult, and once you’re in your new location, it will take time for your family to adjust.

When you add on to your home, you’ll have to deal with the minor inconvenience of construction. However, a good carpentry contractor will do everything they can to minimize that disruption. Any addition or home remodeling project will add value to your home while creating a more functional space that’s uniquely yours.

Here are a few more reasons to consider adding on instead of moving:

●        Avoid Moving Costs: Moving can be far more costly than just the sticker price of the home after realtor fees and moving expenses.

●        Keep Your Commute: City homes in a good location can be a rare commodity. If you’ve got a short commute, adding on lets you stay in your current location.

●        Get What You Want: Even if you find a home with exactly the features you’re looking for, adding on lets you get exactly what you want for your space.

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