Winter in Minnesota can be much more bearable when you’ve got a toasty warm fireplace to gather around at the end of a long day. But could your fireplace use a makeover?

At The Construction Group, we offer a complete range of general contractor services including masonry and home remodeling services. In this post, we’re sharing beautiful ideas to inspire your fireplace makeover. Give us a call to get started today! 

1.   Reclaimed Wood

Natural and reclaimed wood elements are one of the hottest design trends for homes in 2021. If your outdated fireplace could use an update, consider using wood details to add elegance to your space and bring in those calming natural elements that designers love right now. For a more dramatic look, construct a new face for your fireplace. For something simpler, a mantel transformation can be just as lovely and capture the same spirit of natural or reclaimed wood.

2.   Stone Hearth

When you think of a beautiful traditional fireplace, do you picture a stone hearth? Our masonry contractors can construct a beautiful stone exterior that endows your space with the charm of a woodland cottage or a country farmhouse.

3.   Elegant Tile

During the early to mid-twentieth century, tile-framed fireplaces were a huge hit for new homes. Tile is easy to clean and adds a simple elegance to any space. It’s also incredibly versatile and can be designed to fit the look of almost any architectural design or interior.

4.   Painted Brick

Embrace your fireplace as a focal point by using color that pops against the rest of your living space. Black bricks look absolutely stunning against a white interior, especially with a warm winter fire blazing. Black is easy to keep looking clean, making it a low-maintenance design option as well.

Designing Your New Fireplace

The beauty of a new fireplace makeover is that the options are practically limitless. To find ideas, check out home interior design magazines and websites or visit our online masonry gallery. Our artisan masonry contractors can work with you to design a beautiful fireplace that’s uniquely yours and even repair your chimney in the process if it’s needed.

To get a free quote on masonry or chimney repair services, contact The Construction Group in Woodbury today at 651-731-5857. Or contact us on the web to find out more about chimney and fireplace services today! We can’t wait to create the beautiful fireplace design you’ve been dreaming of.