Planning a home exterior project can be a beautiful way to add to your home’s value. But if you’re changing your roof design or siding color, deciding which way to go can prove more than a little challenging. When done well, your design choice can make your home stand out for all the right reasons.

At The Construction Group, our Twin Cities roofing and siding experts offer a wide range of home exterior designs. In this post, we’re sharing advice for roof and siding combinations that look beautiful on any home.

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Creating Texture

In the past, it was more common to see single-color siding designs often combined with contrasting siding material. But these days, mixed color designs are becoming just as common as mixed material siding like brick and stone.

One of the more popular design choices is to subtly use color by installing siding materials that are a few shades off in the same color family. Use board and batten as a contrasting texture for added interest. Similarly, consider using a lighter siding shade for the second floor of your home.

When choosing a roof design, be sure to stay in the same color family while choosing a roof color that adds contrast at the same time.

Contrast White With Color

White and off-white homes are xremely popular siding colors. There is nothing quite as inviting as the clean, crisp appeal of a white exterior. For a siding accent, white looks beautiful when paired with delicate neutrals like pale beige, sand, or khaki.

A popular look for white exterior designs is to add a bold front door with a pop of color and black or dark jewel-toned window trim. Consider using a non-neutral roof design like green or blue for a similar effect.

Go With What You Know

If you’re replacing your siding or roof and you want to make a change but you’re worried about making the wrong choice, choose something close to what you have. You can’t go wrong with this approach because you already know the current color pairing works.

Don’t be afraid to go a few shades lighter or darker while remaining in the same color family.

Consider Your Trim and Accents

Before you decide on the type of siding and roof color for your home, it’s helpful if you consider your trim and accent. For example, picking a color combo that does not balance with your trim would give your home exterior a disjointed look.

Another reason to consider your trim before deciding on your roof and siding color combination is that for any color you pick for the roof and siding, your trim can be used to provide a contrast between them. If you go for bold colors, you can use a neutral hue on the trim to give your home a little bit of a subtle appearance, thereby creating a balance in the appearance of your home.

Color Combination Suggestions

Before picking a color combination that will serve your roof and siding, you should determine the look you want your home to take. If describing this is difficult, you can reach out to our home design experts for a more professional suggestion.

While some homeowners will prefer the same color for their roof and siding, others may wish to add a dramatic undertone to their home exterior by choosing contrasting colors. If you decide to go for different tones, ensure you go for complementary colors – one for your roof and the other for the siding. You can also choose contrasting colors if you want to create more impact with colors.

However, for trendy roof and siding color combinations, we make the following suggestions:

●        If you use a red color for your siding, go for dark gray, black, dark brown, or dark green roofing.

●        If you pick blue as your preferred siding color, go for white, black, brown, gray or white roofing.

●        If your siding is white, you can go for green, black, blue, gray, brown, or red roofing.

●        If your siding is brown, go for green, blue, charcoal, or roofing in a different shade of brown.

●        For tan or beige siding, use brown, black, dark blue, or dark green roofing.

●        If you pick a gray color for your siding, go for dark blue, black, darker grey, dark green or white roofing.

Twin Cities Roof Installation You Can Trust

When choosing the right roof and siding combo, you can use a few tricks to help make the right decision. Try driving around your neighborhood and checking out homes that stand out as jewels on your block.

Or consult design magazines and websites to get inspired! Most importantly, choose a roof installation team that handles siding to help guide you in the right design choice.

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