When you think of improving your health, what comes to mind first? Of course, healthy food choices and regular exercise are important to maintaining good health. But did you know that your home plays an important role as well?

At The Construction Group in Minnesota, our experienced home contractors offer a complete range of home remodeling services for homeowners in the region. We’ve put together this post to share some of the ways you can make your home healthier with our home remodeling services.

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The Importance of Air Quality

The air you breathe is essential to your family’s good health. That’s why it’s important to prioritize your home’s air quality and internal temperature.

One of the most common homeowner complaints during winter is a drafty, cold home interior. If your furnace is on full blast but one or more rooms are drafty or cold, your home’s thermal envelope may be compromised.

The term “thermal envelope” refers to a home’s ability to keep air from moving from a home’s interior to its exterior and vice versa. If a home is well-sealed, air infiltration is minimized and the interior temperature is more consistent and comfortable year-round.

Here are a few ways to improve your home’s thermal envelope!

Update Your Windows

Many homeowners only see the windows as decorative elements that aid visibility and natural lighting. However, this is not true as your window contributes to your home’s thermal efficiency and quality airflow.

Any window installation pro will advise you to pay attention to the choice of window you pick for your home because a high level of air exchange between your home and the exterior occurs through the windows.

Apart from the ability to let in ventilation for healthy living, there are times when your window needs to be airtight to avoid heat loss. A large portion of the heat gain during the summer and heat loss during the winter happens through the windows. The implication is that no matter how sophisticated your insulation equipment is, your thermal envelope will be compromised if your windows are not giving their optimal performance.

Fortunately, high-performance windows are easy to install when you work with The Construction Group for your window upgrade services.

Upgrade Your Insulation

Upgrading your insulation system is another way of maintaining quality airflow and thermal envelope in your home. When you have a good insulation system installed by an expert, it helps to slow heat transfer and reduce humidity. This is very crucial for your health as improper airflow can be disastrous.

Hence, it’s important that you work with an insulation expert to avoid some health issues associated with poor insulation and moisture.

Replace the Exterior Doors

If you’re still caught up with old doors, you may struggle to maintain a stable cooling and heating system. Also, older doors may have lost their insulating materials and ability to shut out air when needed. This situation can be dangerous as your door can’t keep you away from pollutants from the streets and, of course, can’t retain heat in the home.

Remember that your exterior doors are a barrier between your interior and exterior. As a result, your home’s air quality and thermal efficiency can be affected adversely by your exterior doors.

So, you should be careful when choosing your exterior doors and who does the installation.

Reducing Mold Risk

Mold poses a significant risk to the health of your home’s occupants. Mold and mildew can begin to proliferate when moisture infiltration occurs due to improper sealing in your siding or roof. Over time, mold can remain unseen but lead to serious and often prolonged health problems.

Water and mold can also lead to structural damage. Another common form of damage occurs when water seeps in through your window and causes damage to your walls. Ensure your windows, siding, and roof are sealed and professionally weatherproofed.

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