If you’ve been thinking about renovating your Woodbury kitchen, our experts at The Construction Group offer a wide range of services. Making design updates to your kitchen can add to your home’s value while making it a more pleasant space to cook and live.

More modern homeowners are embracing the clean lines of minimalism inspired by Scandinavian designs. Inspired by a marriage of both form and function, Scandinavian designs look spectacular in modern kitchens. In this post from our kitchen remodeling services team, we’ll share some of our favorite looks inspired by Scandinavian kitchens.

What is Scandinavian Design?

Scandinavian design, also known as Nordic design, is a minimalist style popularized throughout Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark. The hallmark of Scandinavian decor is that it often combines neutral and dark styles with a warm and welcoming aesthetic known as Hygge. When you think of Scandinavian design, you may think of the simple, functional designs found at Ikea. Scandinavian style can extend to home decor as well as furnishings.

Follow these tips to incorporate Scandinavian inspired design into your home with kitchen remodeling service:

1.    Integrate Monochrome Contrast and Pale Neutrals

Norwegian homes are frequently filled with birch plywood and light-stained wood. This looks fantastic when paired with contrasting monochrome hues like stark white and black. The contrasting hues add to the drama, while the pale wood echoes the clean minimalism of the mood with the comforting natural texture of wood.

2.    Embrace an Open Plan

More modern homes than ever are removing lines between the kitchen and living space. This makes a home feel more open and adds to the sense of warmth. If you think about it, this is a perfect arrangement for Scandinavian homes as it brings family members and guests close to the warmth of the kitchen. With the cold winters we get in Minnesota, a cozy open plan works well for many Twin Cities homes.

3.    Reduce Your Hardware

One of the signatures of a Nordic kitchen is the lack of hardware on cabinets. Rather than using traditional drawer pulls, Nordic kitchens often integrate cabinetry with hidden or discreet handles rather than metal hardware or minimalist hardware when it’s present. This makes cabinets easier to clean and adds to the overall impact of the Scandinavian look.

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