It’s been a long summer filled with beautiful, sunny days here in the land of 10,000 lakes. Whether you spent your summer days out on the water or kicking back in the backyard with a few friends and the charcoal grill, there’s nothing quite like those long summer days. But September is upon us at last, and the evenings are getting cooler by the day. Soon, the world will be filled with autumn leaves and we’ll all be reaching for our jackets.

If the thought of cooler weather has you recalling a cold, drafty home last winter, you’re not alone. One of the most common household problems is a poorly insulated home, which can lead to misery for your family and outsized energy bills that hurt your paycheck. In this post from The Construction Group in Woodbury, we’ll talk about insulation fixes from our home insulation services. Check out these solutions and then give us a call to get your home ready for the cold season today.

Identifying the Draft Source

Draft sources are more than a simple nuisance because they allow heat to escape from within your home, forcing your furnace to work harder and running up your energy bill. When your furnace works harder, it requires more maintenance as well. Additionally, a poorly insulated attic can lead to roof damage. To fully address your home’s drafts, you need to locate them first.

Here are a few ways to troubleshoot for drafts in your home:

●        Walk around inside your home with a candle on a cold night and note where the candle flickers or goes out.

●        Pull back your curtains and wave your hand around near your windows and doors to feel for a breeze. 

●        Check near the bottom openings of your front and back door frames for drafts.

●        Note any past problems with ice dams or icicles on your roof, which can indicate inadequate attic insulation.

●        Check for drafts around light fixtures and electrical outlets.

Fixing Tricky Drafts

The best way to address drafts in tricky locations is with spray foam insulation. At The Construction Group, we use closed-cell spray foam, which creates a dense, heavy insulation. Spray foam insulation spreads once it is applied to fill an entire space, getting into every crevice to harden and provide a higher level of complete insulation. This keeps mold and mildew from proliferating and bacteria from growing. At the same time, it creates an air-tight and watertight barrier.

Contact our Twin Cities Insulation Contractor

The winters in Minnesota and Wisconsin can be bitterly cold, especially if your home’s insulation isn’t up to the challenge. At The Construction Group in Woodbury, we offer spray foam insulation services for homeowners in both the Twin Cities metro region and Hudson, Wisconsin. To get your free quote on home insulation services, contact an insulation contractor at 651-731-5857. Or contact us on the web to schedule an insulation inspection for your home.