Fall is a perfect time to think about updating your home’s siding. If you’re looking for siding that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance but will add to your home’s value, it might be time to consider replacing your siding with high-performance vinyl siding. Today’s vinyl siding is more attractive than ever before, manufactured with the original look and appeal of traditional wood siding down to the grain.

At The Construction Group in Woodbury, we specialize in a wide range of general contractor services including siding replacement services. In this post, we’ll cover some of the basics about vinyl siding. Give us a call to discuss siding replacement for your Twin Cities home.

We offer a wide range of siding solutions, including:

●        Steel siding

●        Cement fiber siding

●        LP SmartSide siding

●        Cedar shake siding

●        Vinyl siding

Vinyl Siding Advantages

Just like other types of siding, vinyl is available in a wide range of siding options including horizontal siding, vertical siding, cedar shakes, and shingles. Today’s vinyls siding comes in a wide range of colors that will never need to be painted. They also won’t flake, chip, or fade unlike the paint on traditional wood siding.

Vinyl siding is the most cost-effective siding solution available on the market today. It’s also nearly maintenance-free. To maintain most vinyl siding, simply wash it with a garden hose and gentle soap. Another advantage of vinyl siding is that it can be installed quickly with minimal disruption to your home and family. This also pays off if you decide to make changes down the road like adding a window.

Mastic Vinyl Siding

Ply Gem’s Mastic siding is the vinyl siding of choice among both contractors and homeowners. Mastic vinyl siding is available in a wide range of vibrant colors and is manufactured to stand up to the strongest weather Minnesota can throw at it. It’s also an environmentally friendly choice that helps to reduce your household’s energy footprint. Finally, all Mastic siding installations are covered with a powerful warranty.

Contact Your Twin Cities Vinyl Siding Installation Contractor

Is your old siding peeling, warped, or faded? Replacing your outdated siding with todays’ innovative vinyl siding from Mastic will add value to your home and curb appeal. For a free quote on vinyl siding replacement services, contact The Construction Group in Woodbury today at 651-731-5857. Or contact us online to find out more about Mastic siding solutions for your home.