Masonry structures are some of the strongest materials available in residential home construction. The art of masonry is one of the oldest construction methods known to human civilization, and masonry is even more efficient and durable today than ever before. Brick construction is incredibly resistant to fire and makes your home more soundproof in the process.

However, even well-constructed masonry can end up needing repair as the years go by. In this post from The Construction Group in Woodbury, MN, we’ll share some of the most common masonry problems and how they can impact your home. Give our masonry contractors a call to get your masonry inspected or repaired.

These are the most common masonry problems to watch out for:

1.   Cracks in the Bricks

Cracks occur due to a number of reasons and if left unattended, they can worsen significantly over time, weakening the structure of your masonry. Cracks can be caused by natural disasters like floods or simply occur when moisture infiltration occurs over time.

2.   Broken Bonds Between Stones

To keep the masonry intact, the adhesive layer connecting the bricks or stones must remain firmly bonded. Over time, this adhesive bond can weaken. Signs there are problems with your adhesion include flaking, hollowing, peeling, and bulging in the adhesive layer.

3.   Stained Exterior Walls

You want your siding and exterior to look good. Staining on your masonry can be unsightly and devalue your home. Masonry staining occurs when your bricks or stones are exposed to certain elements and become discolored.

4.   Spalling

Spalling is a term that refers to the loss of bricks from masonry. Spalling is caused by freeze and thaw cycles over the years. If spalling is left unrepaired, it can cause structural failure in the masonry.

5.   Bond Failure

Bricks and stones in masonry have to stay intact to guarantee the strength of a masonry structure. However, the loss of adhesion between these materials is a common problem in construction. It leads to bulging or peeling, hollow patches, and flaking top layers.

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