When it comes to keeping your roof in good shape, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Minor damage to your roof can become worse as time goes by, allowing moisture to seep in and create a host of problems for your home. That’s why it’s a good idea to schedule regular roofing maintenance as part of your regular home maintenance each year.

At The Construction Group in Woodbury, we offer a wide range of residential roofing services including roof installation and roof repair services. Although strong winds, ice, and thunderstorms are more commonly associated with roof damage, heavy rains can also take a toll, especially when roofs have been neglected. Here’s how heavy rain can damage your Twin Cities area roof.

Keeping Moisture Out

A roof may seem simple enough, but it’s actually manufactured using a complex system aimed at protecting your home from water and air infiltration. If any of the roof or shingle components should become compromised, this allows water to seep into the roof, getting into the attic and rafters.

Moisture can also damage the components of your walls. Water and moisture are the enemies of home construction materials, compromising its structural integrity and creating a breeding ground for potentially harmful mold and mildew. The materials can also warp, deteriorate, expand, contract, and even rot.

How Heavy Rain Impacts Your Roof

When a roof is maintained properly, it is resistant to water and helps to insulate your home. But when even minor damage arises, small amounts of moisture can create big trouble. One of the most common sources of trouble is caused by clogged gutters.

If your gutter system is blocked due to a small animal nest or debris from nearby trees, heavy rain will flow back up onto your roof. This is especially troubling during the winter months when freeze and thaw cycles are common, but even during the warm months, water can seep into minor points of weakness.

Follow these steps to help your roof perform better during heavy rain:

1.      Maintain your gutters.

2.      Repair minor roof leaks right away.

3.      Schedule a roof inspection if you suspect storm damage.

4.      Repair damaged seals and flashing.

Call Our Twin Cities Roof Repair Services

If you’ve noticed water spots on your ceiling or water pooling near the foundation of your home, don’t take a chance on further roof damage. A Twin Cities roofing contractor from The Construction Group can help you evaluate the condition of your roof and make a recommendation on repair or replacement.

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