We’re all spending more time at home these days to help keep our communities and neighbors safe. If all of that extra time at home has you thinking it’s time for new digs, it might be worth considering a renovation project instead before you call the real estate agent. If home renovation reality shows have taught us anything, it’s that almost any home can be completely transformed into a beautiful living space.

At The Construction Group in Woodbury, we work with homeowners throughout the Twin Cities area to help create dream homes every day. If you’re ready for a new home, give us a call and find out how we can help make your perfect living space a reality. Check out these great ideas and then call us for your free quote.

Start With the Layout

When you’re remodeling your home, start by asking if your layout is living up to your home’s potential. One of the most popular remodeling ideas is to embrace an open layout. Opening up the floor plan in your kitchen and living area allows natural sunlight to flow throughout the entire space. It also makes the area feel larger.

For many families, the ability to hang out in the living room, kitchen, and dining areas while still spending time together makes the entire space more welcoming. It’s also a perfect setup for hosting dinner parties and celebrations.

Reconfigure Your Storage

If your laundry room is cluttered and inefficient, consider reimagining your laundry room to integrate custom-built storage solutions. Enclose your washer and dryer in a custom laundry room cabinet complete with shelves for storing laundry detergent, fabric softener, and other essentials.

There are plenty of other ways to redefine your living space with storage. Consider having a custom media enclosure made and reimagine your closet storage. 

Here are a few more great storage ideas:

●        Craft room storage

●        Playroom storage

●        Garage organization

Transform the Design

Well-designed home remodeling services can truly be transformative. Imagine your home with a cohesive design plan from paint to molding to lighting. Integrate custom windows with updated cabinets, fixtures, and tiles in your kitchen and bathroom. Consider redesigning the primary color palette used in your home more intentionally.

These are some of the most popular home interior design looks right now:

●        Farmhouse

●        Nordic minimalist

●        Eclectic bohemian

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