Energy audits are often overlooked by homeowners. With a focus on everyday projects in and around their homes, it’s easy to overlook the benefits of an energy audit. However, overlooking an energy audit year after year may cost you a lot of money. In fact, if you have low insulation now, you could be costing your household thousands each year.

Poor Insulation in Your Attic

One of the main areas experts our energy audit experts at The Construction Group will examine in your attic. We will determine whether you are using the right type of insulation and whether you have enough insulation. Typically, if your electric bill is creeping up and you notice ice dams in the winter, then you need more insulation. With the right insulation, Energy Star estimates you could save 10 to 20% of your energy bill each month.

Prevent Your Water Heater from Siphoning Energy

Another major component of our home energy audit is examining your water heater. Your water heater is responsible for using around 18% of the energy in your home. As a major energy user, it’s important to know that the energy used by your water heater is, in fact, being used the most efficient way possible. If you water heater isn’t insulated, then it’s possible that your money is disappearing into thin air. Your best bet to reduce the amount of energy your home is losing is to request an energy audit with The Construction Group.

Reduce Energy Consumption by Weather Stripping

Another concern you should have when it comes to the insulation of your home is how energy-efficient your windows and doors are in your home. Windows that don’t close all the way and doors that have gaps are your enemies when it comes to having a tight home. An energy audit will highlight what doors and windows should be fixed. Beyond that, an energy audit will highlight aspects of each room that need your attention.

At The Construction Group, we have years of experience conducting energy audits for local residents. We focus on both obvious and not-so-obvious ways your home can lose energy. Regardless of the season, you should have an energy audit performed on your home so that you know you aren’t losing energy or money each day.