Here in Minnesota, we put our residential roofs to the test every year. During the winter, our roofs are covered in heavy snow and ice. Ice dams that form can create problems for your roof, especially if your gutters need maintenance. Once winter’s chill has passed, spring brings its own share of problems with water damage from April rains, hail, and strong winds.

Addressing those problems early on can often mean the difference between a minor roof repair project and total roof replacement. In this blog entry, our residential roof maintenance pros at The Construction Group in Woodbury will talk about signs your roof may have water damage and need repairs.

Signs of Roof Damage

Spring rain can be a welcome and beautiful sight after a long, frigid winter here. But if your roof has minor roof damage that isn’t readily visible, the pleasure of spring rains can soon turn to disaster. Even minor water damage can cause serious problems from mold or mildew damage to costly structural problems down the road. That’s where our roof repair services at The Construction Group come in to save the day.

Here are a few signs your roof may have water damage:

1.   Damage to Your Shingles

Problems with your shingles tend to come from wind or hail damage or even heavy rains. But when your roof has missing or lost shingles, water infiltration is inevitable. Water leaks into your roof and damages its structural integrity. It can also create problems with mildew or mold that lead to health problems for your family.  

2.   Discoloration and Visible Water Spots

Some interior water damage is obvious. If you’ve got a wet spot on your ceiling or a drip somewhere in your home, don’t kid yourself into thinking it can be put off without serious repercussions. By the time you’ve got water dripping into your home, that means you’ve got a measurable amount of water migrating from its original point of entry.

3.   Damaged Wood

Damaged wood decking may not be readily apparent to homeowners, but a professional roofing inspection team can identify problems with yours. When left unattended, the wood beneath your roof can rot and decay if water damage occurs, eventually leading to serious problems or even roof collapse.

Call The Construction Group for Woodbury Roof Repair Services

If your roof shows obvious signs of damage, putting off roof repair can lead to very serious problems, often at the least convenient times. But too often, your roof can look fine to the untrained eye, which means they can worsen unseen, leaving you vulnerable to disaster down the road.

Don’t take a chance with water damage to your roof. Call The Construction Group in Woodbury for certified roofing repair and inspection. To connect with our residential roofing services team, call us at 651-731-5857 or contact us on the web to get a free quote.