When it comes to home improvement contracting, your family’s comfort is of the utmost importance all year long. Whether your home is comfortable, drafty, or overheated depending on the time of the year is about more than just comfort, though. It’s also a strong indicator of how much energy your home is using. If your home is uncomfortable, that can mean you’re spending more on energy costs than you should be. This added energy usage also contributes to environmental issues.


At The Construction Group in Minnesota, our siding and roof replacement contractors can help you create a more efficient home. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how remodeling can add up in terms of savings and how we can help.


Here are a few remodeling projects to help you save big:

1.   Energy Star-Rated Window Replacement

Modern windows have come a long way in terms of innovation from the thin panels of yesterday. Energy Star windows are windows that give you as much as fifty percent in energy savings.

2.   Cement Fiber Installation

Cement fiber siding is manufactured using sand and cement combined with wood fibers. This creates a powerfully efficient siding solution that stands ahead of its competition. It also has a lower environmental footprint when it’s time for replacement. Because of its incredible durability, you’ll most likely see several decades before that day comes.

3.   Insulation Upgrades

Poor insulation is one of the most common sources of energy loss in a home. Have a professional insulation contractor locate and seal off any unseen points of air infiltration. It’s also a good idea to add insulation to your attic to help maintain your home’s interior temperature.

4.   Roof Replacement

If you’re concerned about maintaining a more comfortable and moderate temperature inside your home, replacing your roof is a great start. Well-insulated shingles can help prevent heat from escaping, while in the summer, choosing a light color can help you reflect sunlight and keep your home much cooler.

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