Winter is hitting Minnesota harder than ever this holiday season. It’s the time of year that puts your roof to the test, and if your roof doesn’t pass, your family and home could be at risk. All of that snow and ice amount to weight bearing down on your Twin Cities roof, and if it’s not functioning at its top level of performance, catastrophe may await. In the worst cases, this can mean a catastrophic roof collapse.

At The Construction Group in Woodbury, we’re a team of expert roofing replacement and repair contractors that takes pride in creating stable, healthy roofs. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how we can help you avert disaster so you can focus on the important things this holiday season.

Restoring Your Twin Cities Roof

Your roof performs one of the most important functions in your home as it protects your home’s interior from the elements. Performing regular maintenance is key to keeping your roof functioning at its top level of performance to protect your home.

Small repairs that go ignored can end up leading to more serious roof repairs down the road, and a roof with minor problems can quickly become a danger during a serious winter storm. Letting repairs go is one of many mistakes homeowners make that can endanger their home’s roof.

Here are a few more ways homeowners endanger their roofs:

●        Hiring Unlicensed Contractors- One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is trying to save a few dollars by hiring an unlicensed contractor to complete a roof repair. If you’re hiring someone you found online, make sure they’re licensed and certified to complete the job.

●        Allowing Ice Dams and Snow to Damage Their Roof- Heavy snow and ice dams can wreak havoc on your roof. Professional ice dam removal could potentially save your roof. You should also update your gutter system to protect your home’s siding and foundation.

●        Ignoring Potential Hazards from Nearby Trees- Regularly trim back any nearby trees that could threaten your roof. Branches can weigh hundreds of pounds or more, posing a serious threat to your home if a strong storm hits.

●        Never Getting an Inspection- With a regular roofing inspection, we can assess the condition of your roof and identify potential problems before they become serious.


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There’s more snow and ice around the corner this year for Minnesota residents. Don’t take a chance with your Twin Cities roof.

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