Homeowner’s insurance is one of those mandatory expenses that all homeowners must budget for alongside property taxes. But your homeowner’s insurance also serves an important purpose: to protect your home and family in case there’s a serious emergency that causes property damage. Your homeowner’s insurance protects what’s inside your home, but it also protects your home and roof in cases of structural damage due to a natural disaster or fire.


When it’s time to replace or repair your roof, one of your primary concerns might be how your insurance is affected by a claim. At The Construction Group in Maplewood, we work closely with homeowners to help you make a claim on your insurance. In this post, our roofing replacement contractors break down how your roof’s condition can affect your homeowner’s insurance.


Insurance Rates and Your Roof

Whether your roof needs repairs, regular maintenance, or roofing replacement, ideally, your homeowner’s insurance will cover at least part of the claim. Every roof will eventually deteriorate over time and need to be replaced.


Disasters can also strike that damage your roof. When an issue does occur with your roof, one of your biggest concerns may be how the catastrophe at hand affects your insurance premiums. One of the most common concerns homeowners face is whether a roofing claim will drive up their rates and cause the cost of their monthly homeowner’s insurance to increase as well.


Insurance and Your New Home

For homeowners purchasing a new property, the roof’s condition will impact how the home’s insurance rates are initially calculated. If your roof is in poor condition, this can impact the overall value of your property. It can also pose a safety concern for those living in the home. All of these issues are factored into calculating your homeowner’s insurance rate.


Your insurance company will assess the following:


●        Your roof’s overall condition

●        The materials your roof is made of

●        Your roof’s age


Severe Weather and Your Insurance

Severe weather can significantly impact your property. Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements, which means it’s often the first thing to be damaged during a storm. That’s why if your roof is in good shape, your insurance tends to run a bit lower. If your roof is in poor condition, you can typically expect higher rates. That’s because your home is at greater risk of problems that occur due to damage from your roof.


Your roof should be able to stand up to these threats:


●        Strong winds

●        Thick snow

●        Freeze and thaw cycles

●        Ice dams

●        Heavy rains


Connect with our Maplewood Roofing Replacement Contractors

If you’re concerned about your roof’s ability to stand up to the elements, chances are your insurance company is concerned as well. To keep your home protected and your insurance rates manageable, it’s important to keep your roof maintained so it will protect you all year long.


At The Construction Group, our seasoned residential roofing professionals are experienced at working with insurance companies to help simplify claims for homeowners. To connect with our Maplewood roofing contractors, call our team at 651-731-5857 or contact us to schedule your free roofing project estimate.