During the summer months, you probably don’t think about your fireplace or chimney very often. But you should. Even though your chimney isn’t currently in use, fall is just around the corner.

Summer is the ideal time to have your chimney serviced, so any problems that arise can be addressed before you need to use your chimney. After all, no one wants to be stuck with a chimney repair in the cold of winter.

At The Construction Group in Woodbury, we can help you prepare your chimney for winter. In this post, you’ll learn what to expect when your chimney is serviced and how to tell when it’s time to have yours checked.

Signs of Chimney Damage

When you live with a damaged chimney, you play with a serious fire hazard. The following are signs that your chimney is damaged.

1. Deteriorating Mortar Joints

When you notice a deteriorating mortar joint, try fixing it as soon as possible to avoid moisture damaging your whole chimney.

Fixing your mortar joints ensures that moisture does not freeze in the cracks during freezing weather conditions and reduces the chances of wider cracks.

2. Efflorescence or White Staining

Efflorescence is the white patches or discoloration on your chimney. When you see these white patches forming on your chimney, it indicates moisture. While it’s possible to remove these white colorations manually, it doesn’t stop the efflorescence from forming again.

Most often, efflorescence forms on your chimney as a result of moisture collecting in your chimney. So, part of how you can solve this problem is to invite an expert to check this out to avoid further damage.

3. Flue Lining

The flue lining is an important component of the entire chimney structure. However, over time, this lining begins to weaken and fall off. You know this when you see little pieces of your chimney tiles collecting near your fireplace.

In other words, sometimes, your flue may be damaged without you seeing these tiny slices of chimney tiles around your fireplace. Hence, you need to have a chimney expert assess your chimney from time to time to detect this problem beforehand.

4. Spalling

Spalling is one chimney issue you can easily detect outside your chimney. This is because you can see the bits of masonry scattered around the bottom of your structure when spalling occurs.

You can fix this problem by replacing the damaged brick, concrete, or stone peeling off your chimney. 

5. Rust

Rust is a common issue wherever there is moisture. Rust on your firebox clearly indicates excessive moisture in your chimney.

When you see any sign of rust in your chimney, it’s important you seek the help of a chimney professional to check out the damage properly. Sometimes, rust could mean extra damage to your flue lining.

If you’re not sure of the extent of the damage, your chimney expert can use a special camera to inspect your flue lining to know if there is a breach in the chimney structure.

Do You Need a Chimney Inspection?

Your chimney should be inspected each year before you use it. A chimney inspection may be a direct visual examination of your chimney along with a pressure test; however, you should also check out some chimney repair and replacement guides to learn more tips on taking care of your chimney.

Your annual inspection includes minor maintenance like a chimney cleaning. We’ll also determine if there’s any need to replace the top cover or repair any masonry.

Does Your Masonry Need to Be Repaired?

One of the great things about quality masonry is that it is usually strong enough to endure many years of heat and fire. However, extreme temperature changes and other environmental factors can end up causing expansion and contraction that lead to the need for masonry repair. Damaged masonry and crumbling chimneys are often overlooked until the problem becomes significant.When a chimney is in need of repair, this can end up causing structural damage or even posing a serious fire hazard. However, a professional contractor can repair any structural issues quickly so you can get your fireplace fired up when you’re ready this fall.

We can also repair masonry to any of these areas of your home:

●        Brick columns

●        Retaining walls

●        Patios

●        Walkways

●        Foundation

 Connect With our Maplewood Masonry Contractors

Don’t wait until the cold weather starts to roll in this fall to get your chimney inspected and repaired. After all, there’s nothing worse than going to fire up the hearth on a cold night and realizing you forgot to have it inspected. More importantly, getting your masonry inspected protects your home and your family.

To schedule your chimney inspection or to get a free estimate on damaged masonry, connect with our team of Maplewood masonry contractors by calling us at 651-731-5857. Or contact us to discuss your masonry project today.