Brick homes are beautiful and enduring. They’ve been a favorite home material for centuries because of the timelessness and structural integrity of brickwork. Whether you’ve got an antique home or a modern home made with brickwork, eventually, all brickwork needs repair and maintenance. That’s when it’s time to call in a masonry expert.


Masonry has been revered for centuries as a craft that brings together artisanship and engineering. Here’s how our team of masonry contractors at The Construction Group in Maplewood can help with your brick repair when you need it.


The Art of Masonry

Masonry is about more than just simple construction. While it seems simple on the surface, masonry is almost an art form. It is also one of the oldest construction methods. Masons have been creating solid structures with bricks since at least seven millennia BCE in Jericho, where bricks were used in the construction of an ancient city. When the production of bricks became much easier during the Industrial Revolution, brick became even more common and cemented its place as a favorite homebuilding method. The art of constructing buildings out of bricks and maintaining brickwork is still highly valued today.


Getting it Right

One of the reasons masonry is still valued is because brickwork requires high-level knowledge of methods and specialized tools to protect the materials in use. If the brick becomes damaged or the repair is not done correctly, both the appearance of the building and its structural integrity can become compromised. When a brick home needs repaired, a masonry contractor must chisel the existing brickwork and then trowel the new material into the bricks. This process is known as repointing, and it still relies on some of the same mortars and hand tools that have been used for more than a century. Brick repair is necessary when mortar begins to fall out of joint, recede, or crack.


Our masonry experts can also repair these issues with your home:


●        Crumbling or damaged chimney

●        Brick columns

●        Fireplace damage


Connect with our Maplewood Steel Siding Installation Contractors

If your home’s brickwork has sustained damage over the years, it’s important to get it repaired before it becomes significant. The sooner you repair existing damage, the less likely you are to experience serious structural problems. Conversely, putting off even the most minor of repairs can end up costing you significantly in terms of damage to your home.


Our Maplewood masonry contractors can help get your brick home looking new again. Speak to a member of our team about your repair and we’ll give you a free estimate and explain what needs to be done. Connect with our team by calling us at 651-731-5857 or contact us to find out more about what we do.