When it comes to your home’s siding, you want a beautiful product that will stand up to the test of time and look fantastic year after year. Of course, every siding product undergoes some sort of testing before it makes it to the market where homeowners like you can decide to put it on their home. These tests measure durability, moisture resistance, and UV exposure. But unlike most siding products, LP Smartside siding has undergone an extra layer of rigorous testing by NASA’s Ballistic Impact Lab.


That’s one of the many reasons our team at The Construction Group in Maplewoodis proud to partner with LP and offer Smartside engineered wood siding. Here’s what NASA learned when they tested LP Smartside siding against fiber cement.


LP Smartside is more impact-resistant than fiber cement siding.

NASA performed an impact test to compare LP Smartside to fiber cement siding. They tested the impact of various objects hurled at high velocities including a baseball, a golf ball, a river rock, and marbles.


1.      The Baseball Test

NASA found that the siding was damaged with a baseball impact of 72.8 miles per hour. When struck at 77.7 miles per hour with the same baseball, there was no visible damage to the siding.


2.      The Golf Ball Test

They also found that at 49.4 miles per hour, a golf ball punched a hold directly into fiber cement siding. However, at 63.8 miles per hour, LP Smartside demonstrated no signs of impact.


3.      The River Rock Test

With the river rock test, NASA checked the impact of a small object propelled at a high velocity against fiber cement siding. At 91.8 miles per hour, the river rock caused fiber cement siding to cave in significantly. However, when struck at 107.7 miles per hour, the river rock left no impact on LP Smartside.


4.      The Marble Test

When marbles were projected at the traditional fiber cement siding at 120.8 miles per hour, they punched right into the surface of the siding. However, when they struck LP Smartside siding at 114.5 miles per hour, they broke and bounced off of its surface leaving only slight damage from the impact.


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If you’re looking for high-performance siding that will stand up to years of impact, look no further than LP Smartside engineered wood siding. With the addition of SmartGuard, your siding will be resistant to pests and moisture as well.


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