If you’ve been thinking of adding a new window to your home, you might find yourself lost in all the different types of windows available. Two of the least understood window options available are hopper windows and awning windows. These two window styles are less common because they are typically used in very specific spaces. Many homeowners find it hard to understand the difference between the two choices, which is why they are often confused.


Our replacement window professionals at The Construction Group in Maplewood work with a wide variety of windows and partner with some of the top quality manufacturers. In today’s post, we’ll break down the difference between awning windows and hopper windows and talk about the benefits of each option.


Awning and Hopper Windows: A Few Similarities

At first glance, awning windows and hopper windows seem pretty similar. When they’re in a closed position, they look pretty much the same. They’re both small single-pane windows. But these two styles of windows open in completely different ways. That’s because they actually have completely different functions.


Understanding Awning Windows

Awning windows have a hinge at the top and open at the bottom using a crank mechanism that usually features a folding handle. They open outward and away from a house rather than inward.


Awning windows are great for ventilating basements and other low spaces. They also work well in kitchens. One reason you might prefer an awning window is because they offer a clear view of the outdoors. They can also allow fresh air in your home even when it’s raining outside.


How a Hopper Window is Different

Unlike an awning window, a hopper window actually opens inward and downward from the top. These are primarily used in basements because they open in such a way that they prevent debris from coming into a home. They’re also sometimes found in bathrooms.


This type of window dates back to the 19th century when they were commonly used in Victorian homes. They’re great for ventilation purposes and work well in small spaces.


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