Do you ever just wish you had a little more space? If you love your home but you could use just a little more room, you might be eyeing your attic. After all, it’s just hanging out overhead, dusty and full of cobwebs and old boxes.


But is it worth it to convert your attic into a bedroom? You’d be surprised at what we can do to help you make better use of your attic space. Here are a few great reasons to let our home improvement experts at The Construction Group in Maplewood convert your attic space into a usable bedroom you’ll love.


Reason 1: Attic Bedrooms are Gorgeous

What once was simply the last resort for a bedroom space has come into its own these days as a coveted bedroom solution. In fact, entire blogs are dedicated to dreamy bedrooms that have been converted from attic spaces.


Attic bedrooms create a unique architectural opportunity when it comes to their design. The exposed beams, sloped walls, and unique spaces of attic bedrooms add a quaint, minimalist charm to a bedroom space. Or, if you want something a little more suited to the rest of their home, your attic space can easily have a more finished look.


Reason 2: They Provide Privacy

One of the best things about attic bedrooms is how removed they usually are from the busy part of your home. This offers an added level of privacy. If you’ve got a teenager in your home, an attic bedroom could be the ideal solution to give your teen the space they need as they grow more independent. Or, if you’ve got a multigenerational home, a senior parent or college student could still have plenty of privacy in an attic bedroom.


Consider these additions:

●        Built-in cabinets

●        Shelves

●        Dividing walls


Reason 3: They Increase Your Home’s Value

Adding an attic bedroom can add to the value of your home. After all, it’s more square footage. Increasing your home from a three-bedroom home to a four-bedroom home could also make it much easier to sell. Space is at a premium in today’s housing market, and an attic bedroom may be a tempting addition to many buyers.


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