Have you ever seen a home with dangling or missing gutters? Not only are the damaged gutters an eyesore, but the homeowners are exposing their home to all kinds of water damage. Gutters perform an important function for a home. They move water away from your home so it doesn’t infiltrate your roof and walls or damage your foundation.


At The Construction Group in Maplewood, we’re proud to offer the best available option when it comes to gutter installation. Read on to learn about how seamless gutters can ease the burden on your wallet.


1.      They’re Stronger than Sectional Gutters

Seamless gutters require far fewer repairs than sectional gutters, which is why our team loves to install them. That’s because every intersection on a sectional gutter is a potential point of weakness. Seamless gutters are designed to fit your home perfectly, which means you don’t have to worry about dangling gutters because one of the sections came apart. All of this adds up to a lighter load on your pocketbook in the long run.


2.      They’re Better at Preventing Damage to Your Home

Seamless gutters won’t leak the way sectional gutters do. When gutters leak, they can cause flooding around your home that will damage your foundation. With seamless gutters, you don’t have to worry about standing water messing up your yard, either. You also won’t see any unexpected damage to your home’s walls and interior thanks to moisture infiltration from leaky or substandard gutters.


3.      They Protect Your Roof from Ice Damage

When water doesn’t properly drain away from your roof in the winter, you can end up with roof leaks as well as damage to the interior of your home. Snow can build up during the snowy season, and as it melts on warm days, it should drain away from your home. However, inadequate sectional gutters can cause that water to back up. As soon as the temperature drops, you end up with ice dams that can wreak havoc on your roof, shingles, and ceiling. With seamless gutters, you’ll see a significantly diminished ice dam presence.


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Do you have squishy soil near your home? Or are you just ready for better-looking gutters? Our seamless gutters and gutter guards offer an attractive alternative to traditional sectional gutters. They’ll also protect your home in the process and save you money in the long run.

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