Your home is your family’s haven. You want everyone in your family to feel comfortable and happy in your home. That’s why when someone you love uses a wheelchair, it’s important to make the right modifications to make your home as easy for them to get around in as possible. Whether you’ve got an elderly parent moving back home or you’re trying to adapt your space for another family member, we can help.


At The Construction Group in Maplewood, our home carpentry services team can remodel your home to make it accessible to all of your family members. Here are a just a few of the ways our team of home remodeling contractors can make your home more wheelchair accessible:


1.      Wheelchair-level Counters

It’s important for your family members to be able to get by independently and not have to rely on everyone else if they wish to do things on their own. Kitchen and bathroom counters are typically too high to be wheelchair accessible.


We can create counter space that’s the perfect height for your family member to be able to cook a meal or write a letter. We’ll make sure your family member has plenty of room to roll up their wheelchair and get everything they need to get done in complete comfort.


2.      Entrance Ramp

A great many homes require steps to get to. We can create an accessible wheelchair ramp so your family member can roll up to your home with ease. Our expert carpentry team can add an accessible ramp to your front or back yard.


We can even connect your ramp to the garage or deck behind your home. That way, your family member won’t get left out of the fun when it’s time for a summer cookout!


3.      Wider Doorways

When your family member is in a wheelchair, standard doorways do not always work with their chair. Widening your doorways may be necessary for your family member to be able to get through your comfortably. It might also be worth considering an open plan living room to make the space as easy to navigate as possible.


Minnesota Home Remodeling Services

You love your family, which is why you want to do everything you can to make every member of your team feel like they’re welcome, loved, and capable of getting by without a fuss. From your kitchen remodeling project to your bathrooms and bedrooms, we’re here to help.


Our team of professional home remodeling contractors can work with you to decide how we can create the best possible space for everyone in your family. Call our home carpentry services  professionals at 651-731-5857 or contact us to talk about options.