Whether you live in a spacious ranch house or a loft, it seems one thing every homeowner runs short on sooner or later is storage. No matter how much you declutter your home, if you don’t have enough storage space to begin with, things can start to feel cramped and claustrophobic. From stashing toiletries to storing toys, many homes just don’t seem to have enough usable storage space.


Especially when you live in a smaller home or have a large family, a little more storage space can be a complete gamechanger. That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite suggestions for ways our carpentry contractors at The Construction Group in St. Paul can create space in the most unlikely places.


Amazing Closet Space

One of the most frustrating and cluttered areas of a home is the closets. Many older homes just weren’t built for the kind of closet space homeowners count on today. And many newer homes that have big, open walk-in closets lack usable storage within them.


Don’t let your beautiful Coach handbag end up piled on a heap of jeans and cardigans. Our carpentry contractors can built designated cabinets, shelves, and other nooks and crannies specifically meant to house your wardrobe.


Imagine your closet with this next-level organization:

●        Shoe storage

●        Multiple clothing rods

●        Handbag shelves


Upward and Onward

Living rooms are the spaces we spend most of our lives in. That’s why it’s almost shocking how little storage space many of them have.


Maybe you need a place to keep all of your Blu Rays where you can still easily pick out a film when you need to. Or perhaps you’re a collector in need of a place to store and display your beloved Waterford Crystal collection or vintage books. We can add new spaces and cabinets up above eye level so your prized possessions can be kept visible but safe.


Kitchen Magicians

Another top storage problem in older homes or homes with large families is the pantry issue. If you don’t have the right space to store your canned goods, pasta, and other non-refrigerated items, things can get out of control pretty quickly.


Our home improvement team can create solution-oriented cabinets and shelves in your kitchen. Imagine how a cabinet devoted to your spice collection could change your kitchen game. Did someone say Great British Bake-Off?


Twin Cities Carpentry Contractor Services

If you’re frustrated by your home’s lack of storage, our Twin Cities home remodeling services team can help. We bring more than three decades of experience and some of the best partner companies in the business.


Whether you’re in need of kitchen remodeling services or bathroom storage, give us a call. Connect with a member of our team at 651-731-5857 or contact us to get your estimate.