Many homes either have a distinct deficit of insulation running along the rim joist of their roofline, while others just have whatever insulation is being used in this space jammed in to the very end. Neither application is optimal for ensuring that your roof ‘breathes’ properly, or instrumental in preventing rot, loss of insulation value, or other problems that may result over time. Placing insulation all the way to the edge of the roof effectively blocks soffit vents, which defeats the purpose they are designed to serve. Improper air circulation can result in temperature and humidity changes that will have adverse effects on the heating and cooling properties of your roof. Ice damn formation is one of the more serious consequences of this scenario. Mold and rot are also possible if stagnation occurs, as it often does when soffit vents are blocked or ineffective. In certain configurations, wind can blow loose insulation away from soffit vents and undermine the R-value of your attic insulation. Thermal analysis reveals that if 5% of your insulation is missing in an attic, you will have an approximately 50% drop in overall R-value.    


At The Construction Group, we employ the Pull-Back Insulation process, which involves removing whatever insulation is in or near the rim joist of the roof. We then install a lateral channel along the inner incline of the roof, and seal the open spaces surrounding it with insulation. Next we introduce open-cell spray foam insulation to encase the newly created conduit, essentially building a dedicated ventilation system that facilitates proper air movement, maximizing the thermal properties of your entire roofing system. Finally, the remaining insulation is restored around the conduit to complete the process. This solution can be made to work in nearly every home, and can save countless dollars in roof repairs down the road, not to mention saving money on your utility bills as well.


Pull-Back Insulation offers numerous advantages to the homeowner. Efficiency in your roofing solution translates into improved overall energy efficiency of your entire home. Ice dams are virtually eliminated, saving wear and tear on your roof. Mold and rot will not take root when air movement is optimized. And finally, our expert installers will do this right the first time, ensuring a long-lasting improvement to your property. Don’t waste time working your insulation with a broom and wedging a piece of leftover plywood between the rafters – give us a call for a professional solution to a common problem!