Tile roofing is among the most durable, weather-proof, and long-lasting roofing materials on the market today. Homeowners love tile for its distinctive look. It completely transforms a home design while improving its market value.


But is tile a smart choice for roof covering in Minnesota? LIke any other roofing material, tile performs better in certain climates and not so well in others.


The Construction Group offers comprehensive roofing installation for residential properties across Minneapolis. We can help you decide what type of roofing material is best for your home. Below is a quick guide on tile roofing and what you need to consider before you install it on your home.

Minnesota Climate and Weather

Typically, tile is a popular choice for homeowners who live along the South and West coast - specifically South Carolina down to Florida, the Gulf Coast down to Texas, and along the Southern California coastline.


While tile performs exceptionally well in coastal climates, one of the reasons why it is popular in the southern regions is because of the influence of Central and South American roofing styles. Tile, however, holds up well in areas where there is a heavy concentration of moisture and saltwater. It also provides excellent insulation against the high heat and humidity.


What about Minnesota?


Tile is virtually indestructible. Its dense properties give the strength it needs to withstand gale force winds, mounds of snow, and torrential downpours. If you wanted to bust tile, you’d have to get up on your roof and pound it with a sledgehammer (we don’t recommend this). When it comes to durability and longevity, there simply isn’t an equal. Tile has been known to outlast the home it is protecting.


Tile is also the thickest roofing material you can place on your roof. Unlike more porous materials like asphalt, concrete tiles are not susceptible to moisture freezing within the body of the tile. It’s thick enough to resist extremely low temperatures, freezing ice, and thick, heavy snow. Whereas asphalt shingles or metal, may eventually deteriorate or corrode due to severe winter weather conditions, tile retains its finish, color, composition, and adhesions to the roof.

Superior Ventilation and Insulation

Tile has a bonus feature that other roofing materials. Each tile has a curved shape that creates natural air pocket underneath the surface. The added feature minimizes ice-damming, the greatest of roofs and gutters.


The combination of tile’s composition, mass, and unique shape make it perfect for ventilating and insulating your home at the same time. The Construction Group can install the tile roofing so that it prevents snow from turning into ice. You no longer have to worry about large sheets of ice sliding off the roof.

Resale and Market Value

The only downside to adding tile to your home is that may appeal to homebuyers who are looking for a tile roof. Thus, you may have a difficult time selling your home in a market where tile roofing isn’t as common as it is in other parts of the country.


The good news, however, is that tile will significantly improve the value of your home. You may even get a discount from your insurance company by adding tile to your home. Even if tile is not the most popular roofing in Minnesota, it will beautify your home in ways that other types of roofing can’t. Your home will definitely stand out in your neighborhood.

Tile is a Good Choice for Your Minneapolis Home

With all the features and benefits of tile roofing, you may want to consider it for your home. If you are ready to upgrade your roof and transform your home design, contact The Construction Group today.


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