You’ve purchased a home, yet it is seriously lacking one thing that you can’t put your finger on. The walls are dull, empty, and you are getting flashbacks of the dingy college apartment you shared with your roommates. Your dream home deserves the gorgeous border that has window contractors in Woodbury giddy with excitement: crown molding.


Crown Molding

A classy crown molding automatically elevates every living space. Just as a baseboard grounds the room in a pleasing way, crown molding provides eye-catching beauty that truly completes a space. Your living space should be as unique as you are, and with expert crown molding installations, you will have full control over your crown molding design!


But how do you know if crown molding is right for you? Check out these four tips below.


1. Consider Your Home Style

Every home has a distinct style. You can make crown molding work for you by decorating properly, but there are some styles that fit more naturally with a crown molding. Traditional homes naturally fit with crown molding. If you have a more contemporary or modern style, crown molding might not be for you. Crown molding can be used homes with a contemporary style decorated with minimal patterns and clean lines. 


2. High Ceilings and Large Spaces

Have you ever felt that the ceilings in your home were too high and the room felt far too large? Crown molding helps bring the space together. The best way to accent your high ceilings and large spaces according to window contractors in Woodbury is crown molding.


With the appropriate width and detail, crown molding accents the space and ties the entire room together. Smaller spaces with shorter ceilings can also benefit from crown molding, though the width and design should be smaller to match the size of the room.


3. Match Details and Decor

Bold and loud decor will not match a simple crown molding. If your decorating style is bold, your crown molding detail should reflect the style. Minimalist detail affords for a minimalist crown molding. The crown molding should complement and support the decor of your choice. You can change up your decor in different rooms of the home and use different crown molding to accent your choices.


4. Get Creative

You are not limited to the crown molding you see in the hardware store or the catalogs. You can combine detailed trims with minimalist strips of molding for a wider design. Crown molding is quite literally your secret weapon in designing your dream home as you can do practically whatever you’d like! Experiment with different designs in different rooms and create your dream home.


Crown Molding Experts in Woodbury

If the idea of crown molding and a finished, gorgeous home excites you, give The Construction Group a call. Our team of experts can consult you in your options, design, and fully install the crown molding of your dreams.


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