Although tile roof is weather-resistant and long-lasting, hail can still tile roofing, particularly on the surface. The size of hail can vary, which means the extent of the damage to your roof could be minimal or extreme and in need of immediate attention.


A damaged roof affects the structural stability of your home, allowing possible water leaks to to invade your home interior. There are a few ways to determine the extent of the damage to your roof from the most recent hailstorm:


●        Size of hailstones

●        Direction and force of the wind

●        Roofing material

●        Natural barriers


The Construction Group provides comprehensive roof repair for residential and commercial properties in Woodbury, Minnesota. Contact us to schedule a roof inspection and possible repair after a hailstorm. Below is some of the evidence of damage that we will investigate during our inspection:


1. Dents

We can identify dents along the tile made by a hailstorm by looking at the roof. Hailstorm dents can vary in size and depth The flat areas of the roof may have more severe damage from hail because of the amount of surface area exposed to the storm. We can replace the tile pieces that contain dents and have your roof looking new again.


2. Cracks

A crack signifies that a tile will eventually break or crumble. Therefore, if we discover cracks in the roofing, we suggest replacing the pieces of tile with the cracks. Cracked tile could also allow leaks to penetrate the roofing system. If so, it will cause a problem in your attic and in the walls and ceiling in your home.


3. Missing Pieces

Harsh hailstorms can cause pieces of a tile to break and fall off the roof. As with other types of damage, wind and water can seep underneath the tile and leak into the building. Cracked tile will also affect your roof’s design and make it less attractive. The condition of the roof can also hurt your home’s market value.


Roofing Contractors in Woodbury


It is important that your roof maintains structural stability after a hailstorm. It must provide protection for you and your family at all times. Therefore, if you need roofing repair, contact a professional, certified roofing company today.


The Construction Group offers complete roofing repair, replacement, and roofing inspections. We can fully restore your roof back to its original condition after a storm. To schedule roofing maintenance, call us at 651-731-5857, or you can message us on our contact page.