Winter weather will always wreak havoc on your roof, effectively putting the safety of your home and family in jeopardy. After months of carrying the weight of snow and ice, your roof needs some extra support!


The Construction Group, expert roofing contractors in Woodbury, is prepared to repair and restore your roof to its original quality condition. Don’t risk the collapse; stay safe and secure by letting us repair your roof.


Possible Damage to Your Roof

In order to evaluate possible damage to your roof, roofing contractors suggest looking at the slope of the roof. The steeper the slope, the less damage will occur because the snow and ice will be able to melt off. Lower sloped roofs carry more weight of built-up snow throughout the winter. Other factors include:

●        Old shingles allowing leaks

●        Frozen water repeatedly freezing and thawing

●        Icicles pulling off shingles

●        Moisture build up inside the attic

Before you grab a ladder and rush up to the roof to check on the stability and safety of your home, make sure you are aware of your options for protecting your roof from collapse. There are many things you can do during the winter to prevent collapse.


DIY Roof Collapse Prevention

1.      Purchase a snow rake to safely remove snow during the winter months.

2.      Properly remove icicles from the roof using a ladder and your roof rake.

3.      Insulate your attic and fix any leaks in the insulation to prevent mold build up.


There comes the point when the snow and ice cannot be removed without consulting a professional. Your roof protects your home from weather and attempting to fix it yourself could prove dangerous. Allow professional roofing contractors in Woodbury like The Construction Group to restore your roof to its original condition and rest assured that your roof will keep you warm and cozy during the winter.


Signs Your Roof is Damaged

The last thing you want to feel is the drip of water on your head as you lounge in your living room. When a roof is damaged, water finds its way through small cracks in the roof and enters your home. Sometimes it can be hard to locate these water spots because water does not always come straight down. Be on the lookout for these signs of water damage and be the most prepared homeowner on your street:


●        Water spots inside your home

○        Keep your eyes on the ceiling and look for water damage.

●        Water spots on the exterior of your home

○        Water can affect the outside of your home as well and can alert you to streams of water.

●        Pieces of shingles in the gutters

○        Water damage can loosen and break the shingles. You might find pieces of broken shingles in the gutters.

●        Roof buckle

○        You will notice a sagging of the roof if you walk in the attic or on the roof.


Let Roofing Experts in Woodbury Repair Your Roof

Roof collapse is inevitable if you choose to take no action to protect your roof against the snow that comes with the winter months. The expert roofing contractors we have on staff at The Construction Group can restore your roof to its original glory, taking all of the stress off of you. For more information, call us at 651-731-5857, or you can message us on our contact page.