When it comes to estimates, most homeowners just want to know the bottom line. Behind the final price, however, is valuable information that determines exactly what the estimate is going to be including all the work covered. As a client, you need to understand every detail of your estimate, so that there are no surprises once we complete the job.


Below is a brief explanation of what you can expect in a roofing installation or roof repair. If you have further questions, please contact The Construction Group. We can answer your questions and schedule a roof inspection.


What are the Details of a Roofing Estimate

Although roofing estimates may vary per contractor, they should all contain the following details.


●        Job Description: The contractor should outline all of the work to be done. The description should include all inspections, repairs, or material replacement.

●        Job Duration. This means how long will it take to complete the job from start to finish. In most cases, a roofing job should be completed within one to three days.

●        Warranty Information or Guarantees. If a contractor provides any type of guarantee on labor or roofing materials, it should be included in the estimate.

●        A Breakdown of Material & Labor Costs. You should be able to view all roofing installation costs including materials and labor. All materials should be broken down and listed individually.

●        Cost of Permits. How much does it cost to pull a permit? What type of permits are pulled?

Questions you Should ask a Roofing Contractor

In addition to the estimate, you should also ‘interview’ your contractor by asking a few simple questions. The main focus of the questions should be to determine the contractor’s credentials and reputation in the industry. Some questions include:


●        How long have they been in business?

●        Are they licensed and insured?

●        Do they have subcontractors?

●        Will they clean up all debris from the area when the job is done?

●        Do they use the latest safety equipment?


The Construction Group of Woodbury, Minnesota

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