Both the state of Minnesota and the city of Minneapolis have strict guidelines regarding basement window installation. In the state of Minnesota, building regulation now requires that a contractor install egress windows in all basement. The reason for the ruling is due to the construction of this type of window.


Egress windows easily open and in no way hinder a person from escaping a basement during an emergency. Below we will explore egress windows as well as window installation regulations in Minnesota.


Why Egress Windows?

By definition, the word egress means “to go out of or exit a place”. Thus, manufacturers design egress windows for occupants to exit a building without any complication.


An egress window design consists of a hinged-door that opens horizontally instead of vertically. A horizontal door opens much easier and is more likely to work during an emergency than a window that has to be opening vertically. An egress door opens outward instead of inward to avoid the possibility of any obstructions. It is engineered so that even a small child can easily push it open and escape a building.


Other types of windows such as double-hung, bow windows, or sliding windows do not offer this feature.


What to Consider With Egress Window Installation

Before you install egress windows, you will need to consider the following criteria:


●        Are there any obstructions in front of the window that may keep it from opening? You will need to move any objects so that the egress window can open freely.

●        Is the window protected from water flow? Roofing contractors are required to place a barrier around the window to eliminate the possibility of flooding. Although egress windows are watertight, opening one during a flood could cause water to quickly into your basement and keep you from exiting the building.

●        Can an occupant easily climb through the window and on to the ground surface? The window should be positioned so that a person who is climbing out can easily gain access to the outside clear of the window.

●        Is the area around the window safe for children? If you have young children who can gain access to the window, make sure that there are no hazardous materials or unsafe objects in the area on both sides of the wall.

Egress Windows Are a Stylish Option for Your Home Design

Although egress windows are practical and functional, they still offer a stylish complement to any home. You can still choose from a wide range of egress windows to match your interior or exterior design. You can also select from a wide range of window dimensions. Get the size and shape of the window you want for your home installation.


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