Every type of residential and commercial roof has a life expectancy. Although there are several factors that determine how long your roof will last, the single greatest factor is how well you take care of it through the years. By being proactive you can help your roof reach its life expectancy no matter what type of material it is made from. Below are some helpful tips for keeping your roof looking and performing well year after year.


Schedule Regular Inspections

How often should you contact a roofing contractor to inspect your roof? We recommend at least once a year. A routine inspection will reveal vulnerable areas of your roof that need to be reinforced, replaced, or repaired.


Minnesota winters can be harsh on a roof. Heavy ice and snow can accumulate across the roofing system and create structural damage underneath the roof surface. If left unchecked, your roof will weaken and fail to provide you with adequate protection. We provide a comprehensive roofing inspection that covers all major and minor components to ensure that your roof is in top condition.


Routine Maintenance and Repairs

To extend the life of your roof it’s important to schedule routine maintenance and repairs. All minor repairs should be made as soon as possible. We will perform routine maintenance and look for any signs of damage including:


●        Looking Curling or Buckling Shingles. When shingles appear to be uneven your roof is exposed to damaging elements.


●        Checking Roof Valleys. Roof valleys control rain flow and can be a prime target for leaks. If there are shingles missing or deteriorating that valley cannot control water flow. Standing water will cause your roof to rot and leak.


●        Shingles Granules in Gutters. If there are granules or pieces of shingles in the gutters it’s an indicator that the shingles are wearing away.



Other Factors That Will Ensure Your Roof Lasts

Other factors which will contribute to the longevity of your roof include:


●        Removing all roofing material of the existing roof before having a new one installed. Leaving any roofing material from your existing roof decreases the life of your new roof. We will remove all roofing materials before making any repairs to your existing roof or installing a new one.


●        Hire only qualified and experienced roofing contractors. We are licensed, insured and certified roofing contractors that will install your roof using only high-quality roofing materials.


●        Having proper ventilation in the attic space will extend the lifespan of your roof. When there is inadequate attic ventilation it causes improper airflow between the attic and the roof which reduces the lifespan of your roof.


Comprehensive Roofing Maintenance from The Construction Group

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